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What Apple has done with its VR helmet will change the history of technology

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Through a leaked report on the Internet, it has been revealed that the first Apple AR/VR headset it could be presented during the next spring. On the other hand, another parallel report has leaked many details about these futures. Reality Pro of the company. Some of those details are as follows

  • Eye Tracking Capability
  • Hand tracking ability

Apparently, by using external cameras, Apple’s virtual reality headset is going to be able to analyze user hand gestures. But how will they do the same with the eyes? Very simple, through some internal sensors that will read the eye gestures.

Leaked Apple VR helmet, Specs

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The report that has appeared online details the following. “Apple’s virtual reality headset has several external cameras that will be able to analyze the user’s hands,” he says. “As well as sensors inside the device that will allow reading the eyes. In this way, the user will be able to control the helmet by looking at an element on the screen and selecting it. To do this, you will pinch with your thumb and forefinger, and you will not have to hold anything. This update marks a change from other headsets, which rely solely on a controller.”

VR helmet ,Apple
VR helmet ,Apple

There are many other details of Apple’s virtual reality headset that we are going to share here:

  • A digital crown similar to that of Apple Watch
  • Switch between augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Immersion in VR mode
  • AR content surrounds the user with the real environment
  • Extreme battery
  • cooling fan
  • Autonomy: two hours per battery
  • The size of the battery: two iPhone 14 Pro Max stacked on top of each other

How much investment does Apple have behind?

An Apple team made up of more than a thousand people has invested seven years of effort, work and dedication in giving birth to the first version of the virtual reality headset. The approximate price estimated for this device is around $3,000 starting. As we have said, it is expected to be released in the spring of 2023. There is a lot of ambition behind this project and it could revolutionize the virtual reality market.

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