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What almost nobody knows about the origin of Bill Gates

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Bill Gates is one of the most famous people in the world. We all have his image in our heads and we know some aspects of his life. However, it is a very interesting figure that is worth delving into to know more about his life and business journey, as well as some aspects that are usually unknown.

When talking about Bill Gates, the vast majority of people divide it into two aspects: be the founder of the Microsoft company and its altruistic activities. Although this simplification is not too misguided, Bill Gates can be described in many more aspects and is a person who at different times in his life has aroused as much admiration as animosity.

Although he seems to have been with us all his life, Bill Gates started very young and alone he is 63 years old. Further away from the front line of business, today he devotes almost all his effort to try to bring his projects to improve the planet and especially the third world, especially the logistical and health problems they suffer.

During this text, we will make a vital tour of his projects, as well as some anecdotes of Bill Gates that are not well known.

Bill Gates, the boy who read in his room

Bill Gates showed from his early year’s certain signs of great intelligence and quite rebellious. He was a somewhat sullen child, with a passion for reading, an aspect that has never left him, and problems accepting authority. Some of his detractors already observe in these questions about his youthful character aspects that have later been enhanced with success and provoked a certain dislike.

Bill Gates back


As we can see in the documentary series or interview Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill GatesMuch of that child has subsequently continued. Keep loving books, constantly looking for new challenges, it takes weeks to think In which he isolates himself, he has had strong confrontations with almost everyone around him and continues to enjoy his solitude.

But he is also a very competitive person who plays bridge since he was young and has ever been arrested for driving at high speed.

With 20 years he created Microsoft, with 52 he finished his studies

After some labour dabbling in the prehistoric phase of computing, at 19 he decided to take the leap and create Microsoft with Paul Allen.

His dedication was complete and the continuous but not immediate growth. Microsoft was a project that I dedicated every hour of the day and got to sleep on the keyboard. Of course, it was also incompatible with the university studies he abandoned.

Bill Gates graduated from Harvard a few years later … at 52 years old. Despite the importance he has always given to promoting education, he left it to pursue his business ambitions.

But the career that ended was the same one that had started as a teenager, when the technology we know today had not reached the universities and there were no computer studies, Bill Gates graduated in Law.

When he did so, in 2007, he was already fully involved in his humanitarian work and in the process of transfer of powers in Microsoft, a company that he would stop directing in 2008. In his speech warned the students they had to be activists and they had the tools to do it: “You have technology that my class members never had and you have an understanding of global inequalities that we never had

Work on life and hygiene

The first years of Microsoft devastated everything, and not only in the business world. Bill Gates and Paul Allen rented an apartment they worked at all hours and to which the first employees also moved. The pace was so overwhelming and the tension so strong that the days lasted more than 12 hours per day.

Discussions were also ongoing, especially between Bill Gates and the others because of his demand that they work longer hours. This led to continuing tensions with Paul Allen, friendship and work relationship that was maintained by the need to continue together, but that one day ended up breaking. In 2011 Allen recognized Variety how was a very hard joint journey in which Bill Gates ended up breaking their relationship and the possibility that they continue working together.

In that flat where Microsoft began to take shape, there were no more rules than working and nobody did the laundry or ate decently. The topic about computer scientists who neglect their image was shaped and they fulfilled the entire spectrum: fast food, dirty clothes on the floor, bad smell and strong confrontations.

He has been a genius, who has also taken advantage of other companies

The birth of MS-DOS came thanks to the relationship that Microsoft had with IBM and the latter company’s need for its own operating system to be able to compete with Apple.

IBM viewed software as circumstantial but necessary and made little attempt to retain its rights; for Microsoft, it was just the reverse way, they just wanted the software. From that mix, as time has shown, Microsoft won. The company started from the QDOS that Tim Paterson had programmed, which he paid to buy his advances to shape the operating system that succeeded for so many years.

When it was time to make the leap to the graphical environment, the only way to succeed in a society that was not going to bother learning tens or hundreds of commands to make their computers work, Microsoft watched Apple.

Both the graphical environment and the mouse already worked on Mac And Microsoft paid for the rights to its technology so that it can be used in its operating system. Since then, the relationship/confrontation between Microsoft and Apple has lasted to what it is today.

Strong criticism of his activity

For a time Bill Gates was one of the great enemies on the part of those who bet on a freer network and operating systems that did not control users nor were they so monopolizing.

From the current perspective, they are somewhat blurred by a reality where the powers they have systems like Facebook or Google make Bill Gates’ control ambitions almost innocent. But it makes sense that many would find Bill Gates an enemy of liberties.

In 1998, when he was going to give a talk, he was assaulted by a well-known character called “El entartador” thanks to his fondness for throwing them at people like Sarkozy or Kohl. It hit the magnate’s face squarely. The fine was a ridiculous 61 pesetas, about 35 cents.

But why was Bill Gates considered the enemy? Or what is the same for many, part of the power?

It is of great importance the trial for his monopoly attempt to include the Explorer browser in the Windows operating system, majority worldwide, in the same package, at no additional cost and, most seriously, indissolubly to him.

At that time, his great rival was Netscape and Microsoft carried out a strong campaign against it to drive away potential investors, until it hit the company hard, so much so that for a few years Explorer was imposed as the default browser for lack of other reliable alternatives.

The judgment ruled at the end of 1999 had a clear sentence: Microsoft was a monopoly and worked as such. Twenty years later, the use of Linux has grown, but the vast majority of computers run on Windows and continue to be the preferred option to control any computer.

Of all this, there is the chapter of The Simpsons in which Homer creates a company and Bill Gates takes thugs to tear it apart instead of buying it, a strong mockery of what Bill Gates looked like back then.

And a present that has forgiven him in the eyes of many

Bill Gates is one of the greatest philanthropists in the world. Far from more populist measures than we are used to seeing, has donated about 40% of his fortune to humanitarian causes.

Through the foundation he carries with his wife, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, perhaps the largest on the planet dedicated to these causes, have carried out numerous tasks with different recognition.

One of the first was an investment in technology for purifying organic waste in the third world and prevent them from ending up in the channels where some populations drink directly. But there have been other better known, such as the huge investment they have made in laying the groundwork for eradicating malaria in one generation, and others that are hard, such as Purchase of the rights to the conferences of the Nobel Prize in Physics Richard Feynman to release them and make them available to whoever wants to access them.

One of the main successes of the foundation has been in work on many projects simultaneously to avoid the problems that are sometimes found in some of them and force the entire workforce and investment to be paralyzed.

While, Bill Gates has been the public image of many causes. Always from a position of control of any project in which it participates, it has given a multitude of talks with the aim of attracting investors for humanitarian projects or for higher-value education.

What seems difficult to discuss and is beyond the vision that you have about yourself, is that their fight for vaccines in Africa is estimated to have saved the lives of millions of children and also helped to reduce in a very impressive way the deaths from polio, measles or tuberculosis.

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