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Western Digital introduces the DC HS760, a dual-arm hard drive worthy of the best SSDs

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Dead and buried mechanical storage? This is without counting Western Digital which has just presented the DC HS760, an HDD equipped with two actuators that offers speeds close to those of the best SATA SSDs on the market.

western digital hdd
Credits: Western Digital

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As we mentioned in our columns in September 2022, the price of SSDs continues to drop. Enough to consider by Trendforce analysts the scheduled end of mechanical hard drives. It must be recognized that the figures support the forecasts of these experts. Indeed, in July 2022, the combined sales results of Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital highlighted a drop in HDD sales of 34% in just one year.

But are we really going to witness the death of mechanical hard drives? This is without taking into account Western Digital, which has just presented the DC HS760 in the UltraStar range (dedicated to professionals). What is its particularity? It’s about brand’s first dual-actuator hard drive. In fact, it presents itself as the main competitor of the Exos X20 drives unveiled by Seagate. With the difference that the peripheral of WD is satisfied simple SAS connectivity.

Western Digital’s first HDD with two arms

As said above, the main novelty of the DC HS760 is to embark two independent arms that allow data to be read or written in parallel. What logically double the performance of reading and writing. In fact, Western Digital advertises doubled sequential throughput, with 1.7 times better performance to those offered by a random UltraStar HS560 (which is equipped with a single actuator).

For now, the brand has not yet published the product sheet detail of the DC HS760. Nevertheless, one can easily imagine the read and write speeds of the beast based on that of the HC560, from which it is inspired. In fact, we should approach 582 MB/s sequential read and 554 MB/s sequential write. Speeds therefore similar to those offered by the best SATA SSDs on the market today.

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Note also that WD announces with this hard drive an improvement in energy efficiency of around 37% compared to the 20 TB HC560. Moreover, in terms of storage capacity, it will also be equipped with 20 TB like its predecessor. For the moment, the price of the device has not yet been communicated.

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