Were you hesitating to get a Pixel Watch? There is a new reason to buy it

 Were you hesitating to get a Pixel Watch?  There is a new reason to buy it

The PixelWatch It has become one of the most striking smart watches among all those that use the Wear OS operating system. That it is from Google has a lot to do with it, and the truth is that it offers a striking design and extensive functionality. But there are some options that were not part of the smartwatch at launch, but that the manufacturer indicated that they would arrive over time. One of them, it seems, has begun to activate.

We are talking about the fall detection. This tool is most interesting, since when it is active and has a problem of this type, the device activates a protocol to determine if it has to notify the emergency services (or a contact) or not. Thus, it is required to carry out some actions and, in the case of not receiving a response in the form of shutdownthe security protocol starts. Therefore, we are talking about an addition that is worthwhile. And, from what you can see, the corresponding deployment has already begun.

Pixel Watch users and have this feature

And this is good news, since some have shared images (like the one we leave after this paragraph) that show that they already have fall detection. This has been obtained through a background update from Google servers. Therefore, they have not realized it until the smart watch itself has demanded from the users that the configuration process be completed so that the operation of this new tool is adequate.

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Yes indeed, all the beneficiaries – at least for the moment – are from the US, so you have to think that an update is being carried out by regions (something quite common in the world of technology). The firmware that all of them have is RWD9.220429.070, which is the one that was launched at the beginning of December and is the latest available for the Pixel Watch. Of course, for now, Google has not officially communicated that fall detection is being deployed for everyone. Therefore, it will be necessary to have some patience for the arrival in Spain.

How to check if you have the new tool

Well, you don’t have to carry out a particularly complex process, as commented by those who already enjoy this new functionality on their Pixel Watch. A simple reboot allows you to know if you already have everything installed from the server and, if so, you can start with the corresponding configuration. Therefore, it couldn’t be easier… waiting to verify that what happened for some is not an error.