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Welcome Spaces, a platform to communicate with your customers

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Many use Slack for communication that takes place within the company, but it is difficult to push the boundaries and “force” the client to also use Slack, so in the end, communication ends up being done by email, Whatsapp and others.

Welcome Spaces is a proposal that wants to change that, a friendly interface so that the client can communicate with us on a website that saves the history and better classifies the information.

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It is a collaboration platform, with a free option, perfect for Startups and SMEs.

Each space contains a permanent source of activity, a live chat, a video call room and other resources that facilitate communication, making it possible to have 5 active spaces 100% free.

Features include:

– Simple file sharing
– Multi-document requests
– Unlimited video call
– Customizable templates
– Private library with unlimited storage
– Live chat and private messaging
– Custom notification system

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They want this way to avoid endless emails back and forth, weTransfer links that expire, documents that get lost, Zoom, Slack, Teams, FaceTime… they want only one platform to be used, and so many can be invited people as we wish, offering a space to centralize all exchanges.

You can try it at, where they make a summary of the functions, with screenshots so that we know what we can find in this new tool, fresh from the oven of beta apps.

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