WeCrashed debuts on Apple TV + on March 18: the trailer for the drama series


With a trailer posted on the Apple TV YouTube channel, Apple announced that WeCrashed will debut on the streaming platform on March 18. The TV series will consist of eight episodes during which the direction of John Equa and Glen Ficarra will retrace the rise and the ruinous crash of WeWork, a “bubble” from 75 billion dollars.

Also in the cast Anne Hathaway as Rebekah Neumann, wife of WeWork co founder Adam Neumann played by Jared Leto. The mini-drama series airing in March on Apple TV + takes its title from the podcast WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork. WeCrashed marks Jared Leto’s return to the small screen, where he achieved notoriety as the lead opposite Claire Danes in ABC’s brilliant but brief 90s high school drama. My So-Called Life.

The WeCrashed mini series, as mentioned, is based on the WeWork story, start up that deals with providing workspaces with very flexible contracts. WeWork’s “bang” dates back to September 2019, when it tried to go public: it was discovered that Neumann’s management had not been entirely clear, and investors were blown away. Neumann resigned, and SoftBank, a major investor, took control of the company.

In the months to come, also due to the Covid pandemic, the attempt to rescue SoftBank, which today owns 80% of the shares, also lost momentum, and the value of the company dropped to 89% during the IPO period. Today WeWork is still active and also operates in Italy (in Milan), but during the solo first quarter of 2021 the company lost over $ 2 billion.