Webwave, to create a website as if we were in Photoshop


Most of the website builder tools are based on templates, so we have to put the backgrounds, buttons, texts and other components in specific places, without much leeway.

Even with WordPress themes as flexible as divi, we have to adjust to the corresponding columns, being necessary to get into CSS code to position things differently.

That’s where Webwave comes in, a website builder that doesn’t have templates, that allows you to design the web as if we were in Photoshop, dragging and changing sizes with complete freedom.

It feels a lot like a graphic design tool, Figma, Canva, or Photoshop, rather than other website builders. There is no invisible template in the background where we have to fit the elements. Instead, we have the freedom and flexibility to position, resize, and style elements as we wish. We can work with layers and the elements can be superimposed, being, as they define it, a “true drag and drop”, tailor-made for creative people.

With a free option limited in functionality, it is available at webwave.me, where we can read that they also take care of SEO issues, hosting and other necessary categories in the world of website creation.

They also have various animations to choose from, interactions to engage website users, and generate responsive websites for all devices that perfectly fit all screen sizes, desktop, tablet, mobile and more.

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