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Web Development: Amazon’s AWS makes Cloudscape Design System open source

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The web Development system is now available open source. It offers React-based frontend components and user interface guidelines, among other things.

AWS has announced that it will make cloudscape design System open source under the Apache 2.0 license. Cloudscape Design System is a set of web development resources. This includes a library of React components, as well as guidelines and best practices related to user experience and user interface.


Internally, amazon’s cloud provider AWS has been using the system since it was developed in 2016. It was created for use with in-house products and services and is used, for example, in the AWS Management Console.

Cloudscape Design System offers over 60 frontend components as well as 35 patterns. Interested parties can get an overview of the capabilities of the system in 27 demos. These include components for a service dashboard to clearly display a service and resource status, for a split view to compare different resources or for single or multi-page creation. Referred to as patterns, reusable combinations of components are available that are designed to solve common user problems and provide user experience best practices. They relate, among other things, to announcing new features, data visualization and detail pages on GitHub.

Other settings in Cloudscape Design System include theming, a dark mode and the Cloudscape Figma Library with global styles and components. The open source Cloudscape Design System should allow the community to create a user interface for a hybrid cloud management system or to develop software that extends the AWS Management Console.

In order to be able to use the components of the Cloudscape Design System, an installation of the JavaScript library React is required. Then the Cloudscape Global Styles Package (npm install @cloudscape-design/global-styles) and the React components (npm install @cloudscape-design/components) via npm. Detailed instructions for downloading and using the components can be found on the project website. In addition, the React components are available in a GitHub repository.


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