Web browser: Google Chrome update fixes bugs and potential security vulnerabilities

web browser google chrome update fixes bugs and potential security.png
web browser google chrome update fixes bugs and potential security.png

Google has updated the Chrome web browser without mentioning any specific changes. However, the version fixes two errors. Possibly also weaknesses.


Google has updated the Chrome web browser for Linux, Mac and Windows to level 106.0.5249.103. The manufacturer has also upgraded the extended stable release to this version. Details of bugs fixed or security gaps closed are not included in the release announcements. Only in the Chromium changelog are there indications of two errors that have been fixed.


As a rule, Google only indicates in its version announcements in which component there was a vulnerability and what the severity of the vulnerability was. As usual, there was a discrepancy between the total number of vulnerabilities given by Google and the indications listed for the security gaps closed at the end of August; three gaps were missing completely. In Google’s version announcement for today’s update, however, all references to changes are missing.

Two bug fixes listed in the Chromium changelog can be considered secure. A dependency in CacheStorageManager regarding the function GetStorageKeys could previously result in a deadlock. There was also an error in the so-called AT actions API that led to a regression with JAWS. However, the changelog does not give any details on the effects of the regression.

However, since Google has in the past sometimes withheld information about security gaps to protect users, it cannot be ruled out that the current version will also close vulnerabilities. Apparently, however, Google found at least the publicly mentioned errors to be sufficiently serious to publish a version update for them. Therefore, Chrome users should ensure they have the latest version installed.

To check whether the browser is on the new software version, just click on the settings menu. This is hidden behind the icon with the three stacked dots at the top right next to the address bar. Then the path “Help” – “About Google Chrome” brings up the version dialog. If the version is up-to-date, this will be displayed. However, if the update is still pending, Chrome will now download the update and offer to install it after restarting the browser. Linux users, on the other hand, have to contact the software management of their distribution in order to have the update installed.

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