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Weather apps that get and sell our data, and others that don’t

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Some weather apps may collect data about your location and sell it to third parties for advertising purposes. This can be considered a privacy violation, as users may not be aware that their data is being shared and used in this way.

Several cases have already been discovered in the past of famous apps in the meteorology sector that have obtained data to sell it to third parties, a practice that surely continues today.

In the past, various weather apps have been accused of violating user data privacy. Some examples include:

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AccuWeather: In 2017, this popular app was found to be sending users’ location data to a third party, even those who had turned off location sharing on their devices.

WeatherBug: In 2010, it was revealed that this app collects users’ location information and shares it with third parties without their consent.

El Canal del clima: In 2019, a lawsuit was filed against this app for collecting and selling user location information to third parties for advertising purposes.

All of them took steps to improve the privacy of their users’ data.

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There are other apps in this industry that have been privacy-first from the start, like Hello Weather, Yr, or Ventusky, and many others that have never had any such issues identified, like Dark Sky, Weather Underground, 1Weather, Weather Line, WeatherSignal, Carrot Weather, WeatherPro, or Weather Station.

What is clear is that you always have to read the terms of use of each app, since they specify what they do with the data, and the fine print makes it clear that this information can really travel to places that we did not plan to step on. .

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