Weak protection! ‘Samsung’ was one of the most used terms as a password in 2021

 Weak protection!  'Samsung' was one of the most used terms as a password in 2021

According to a study by NordPass password manager, the security level of many users around the world is very weak. In at least 30 countries, the term “samsung”, all in lowercase, is among one of the 100 passwords most listed by users – occupying the 78th position.

The South Korean brand has been naming passwords for years, but the term has been on the rise — it was ranked 198th in the 2019 survey. of bills. “123456”, “123456789” and “guest” are other commonly used passwords.

Other brands, such as Tiffany, Nike and Adidas, also use passwords around the world, as well as “kia” and “mini” —among car enthusiasts.

According to the recent report, a simple and predictable password can be decrypted in less than 1 second, while one with uppercase, lowercase letters and 8-digit numbers takes a little longer — about 7 minutes. In real time, it’s still a very tight deadline.

The research firm found that because they are short and consist only of numbers or letters with no uppercase characters, most commonly used passwords can be decrypted quickly.

And you, have you thought about whether it’s time to reinforce your passwords?

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