We will have new iPad Pro next month: what do we know about them?

We will have new iPad Pro next month: what do we know about them?
We will have new iPad Pro next month: what do we know about them?

We will have new iPad Pro next month: what do we know about them?

The new iPad Pro seems to be closer than we thought. Yes,

Apple still does not set a specific date for the launch of these devices, nor a periodicity to trust, as is currently the case with the new iPhones that always arrive in September (March if it is an SE) or the Watch, which accompany the smartphones with annual reviews.

Remember that the first iPad Pro arrived in 2015, in November, its review was done in June 2017, and just a year later, in November 2018, the third generation. Now it will be in March when we know all the details of this fourth review of the tablet, which will inherit the same design seen in previous models, inspired by the lines of the 2017 iPhone X.

Special keynote insight

It will be on March 31, Tuesday, when Apple officially present your new iPhone SE 2 and also these iPad Pro fourth generation that will be practically identical to the previous ones, with that effect all screen, presence of Face ID and USB-C connection connector. An improved version that is very likely to go on sale, either on Friday, April 3, or a week later on 10 with a pre-booking phase.

These new iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 inches will see their internal hardware improved with a more powerful version of the A13 Bionic chip from the iPhone 11. As you know, Apple always adds an “X” to that terminology, so in the case of tablets, we will have an A13X adapted to the needs professionals of the tablet top of the Cupertino range. With 5G? Surely March 2020 is too soon to see it in a Cupertino terminal.

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iPad Pro, 2018.

Apart from that processor, we will also see a more than presumable increase in the amount of RAM and storage configurations that are going to move very little. But the real changes, where analysts agree, is in the cameras. These new iPad Pro will be the first to install two primary sensors on the back; they could have a third TOF, flight time (time of fly), which is responsible for calculating all the distances of the objects in front of the device.

With the Apple wants to reinforce its commitment to virtual reality and that AR Kit that, with each passing day, further improves its future applications Professionals in the fields of industrial design or medicine, which opens up for the company a higher spectrum of possibilities for a device than those of Tim Cook has been selling for some years as the perfect replacement for our laptop.