We tested the Xiaomi Smart Band 8: the smart bracelet with which you will succeed by spending less than 40 euros

The company’s new device arrives in Spain focusing on the design, its usefulness in everyday life and the versatility of the straps.


A few months ago Xiaomi presented its new smart bracelet in China, the Xiaomi Smart Band 8. This model would be the entry in the company’s wearables catalog, and at the September event held in Berlin the company announced its arrival in Spain, along with the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro.

This bracelet is the successor to the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, and it does not have major changes, but that is because, on this occasion, the company has focused on offering a device that is affordable (39.99 euros) and with special emphasis on design. We could see this at the event, where there were all the straps that can be purchased for the bracelet.

Contrary to what happened before, the core of this device, the technological part, can be worn on the bracelet, but also in other places. In addition to the normal silicone straps, we have other metal ones with links, which fit very well into the new design with a metal frame that this device has. But The most striking options were the one that allows you to wear it around your neck as a pendant and the one that allows you to put it on your sneakers.

The latter is also especially interesting for those who exercise, because allows exercises to be recorded much more accurately, being closer to the feet. In the analysis we have carried out we have been able to use only the conventional strap, which is the black silicone one that Xiaomi always includes in the sales box.

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This bracelet is visually very similar to those from previous years, but it is true that by having a metal frame the feel is somewhat more premium. Furthermore, by changing the stock strap for any other, something more elegant, we go from having a somewhat dull strap to a more elegant bracelet. These new straps use a type of anchorage similar to that used by brands such as Apple or Samsung, and it is no longer mandatory that the perimeter of the strap be covered by the strap.

In the rear part, the charging pins for magnetic charger, which is now white and has a different shape than the models of other generations had. In that area we also have sensors for heart rate control, measurement of blood oxygen saturation, etc.

The panel used in the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 is AMOLED with a diagonal of 1.62 inches and a resolution of 192 x 490 pixels. The maximum brightness is 600 nits and can be controlled automatically, which is appreciated. The refresh rate frequency is 60 Hz, correct for this type of device.

Xiaomi Smart Band 8

The competitors are becoming more and more, but Xiaomi has an element in its ecosystem that works in its favor. If any user thinks that this bracelet falls a little short, they can always opt for the new Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro, a watch with Wear OS operating system that will also be sold in Spain, but that has a much higher price, as is logical.