We tested the Xiaomi air fryer, healthier, more comfortable and smarter cooking

We tested the Xiaomi air fryer, healthier, more comfortable and smarter cooking
we tested the xiaomi air fryer, healthier, more comfortable and

In recent years, the arc that brings together consumer technology is becoming wider, and it includes a large number of small appliances that until not long ago did not have intelligent properties. But if there is a manufacturer that has opted for the connected home, that is Xiaomi. The Chinese technology giant that has one of the largest and largest Internet of Things ecosystems on the planet. One of its smart little appliances is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L, a fryer capable of cooking succulent food in a much healthier way, and also more intelligently.

Cooking without oil, or almost

Air fryers are gradually gaining a foothold in our kitchens. This small appliance is picking up the baton from the classic oil fryers, which have been accompanying us for decades.

Some tasty potatoes cooked in the Xiaomi air fryer smart life

A fryer which is not only intelligent, but also allows us to cook in a much healthier and more comfortable way, providing a completely different user experience than the one we have enjoyed with a small appliance before. And as it is a house brand, also at a very competitive price. We have had the opportunity to try it, and cook with it, from the same mobile, one of its great attractions of course,

The coolest appliance in our kitchen

Of course, the design of this air fryer is one of its strengths. Starting with the traditional white color that distinguishes the brand’s devices, and continuing with its minimalist concept, with a touch power button capacitive, as well as an OLED screen which in turn is the control knob. This screen is inside a selector wheel, which allows us to choose between the different cooking modes. We just have to turn the wheel to go from one mode to another, we have different predetermined programs available to be able to properly cook different foods.

The LED display is integrated within the control wheel smart life

These are for cooking chips, chicken wings, fish, steak, shrimp, vegetables, cooking a cake or fruits. And it is that we are not only talking about a fryer as such, but its operation is similar to that of a convection oven, which can cook food thanks to the extremely hot air that moves through its tray. This has a capacity of 3.5 liters, so we can fry several portions of each of these foods at once. This bucket has a specific grid to cook certain foods. And as we say, not only does it fry, but it is also capable of cooking a cake as if it were an oven. Hence, you can roast food, such as a chicken, as long as you can fit it on your tray. Has power to spare, with 1500W, to be able to cook all kinds of food.

A concept of smart and healthy cooking

Without a doubt, this air fryer offers us many advantages, but above all a change of mentality when it comes to cooking food. We have tested the fryer with several types of food, and all of them have been as expected with the default settings of each mode. In addition, the fryer notifies us when it is necessary to move the content. Since, by having a system of 360 degree air circulation, it is necessary to move the food, shake it, so that all are fried equally.

This fryer has an exquisite design smart life

The fryer notifies us of this, both from its OLED screen and by notifying us on the mobile. It is that as we say, with this fryer we discover a new way of cooking, more intelligent. And it is that this air fryer has Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows the fryer to be connected to the home Wi-Fi network. Thanks to this, you can control all its operation from the phone, thanks to the Xiaomi Mi Home app. The synchronization and pairing of this with the mobile is very fast, and within the reach of most users with minimal knowledge of connected devices.

From the app we can start cooking food, or choose one of the default settings depending on the food. But the intelligent capabilities of this fryer do not end here, we can also control it through voice commands. And it is that once we connect it to the Wifi, on the same network as the rest of our devices of the Internet of Things, we can easily configure it in Alexa or the Google assistant. Once configured, we can tell these voice assistants to start frying or pause it as well. We can even program the kitchen on a delayed basis, for example, so that it is ready when we get home.

The same result of a traditional fryer?

It must be said that, like everything in life, practice allows you to get closer to perfection, and in this case the same thing happens. And it is that when we talk about air, it depends a lot on the food that we cook, reaching the desired cooking point sooner or later. When we reach it, the reality is that the chips that we get with this fryer are tasty, just as if they were fried, and have a crispy texture. Although they can be cooked without oil, a drop of oil will help make them more flavorful.

The Xiaomi fryer tray smart life

The same thing happens with the breaded ones, for example, with the chicken, it cooks very well, with a crispy texture. Best of all, is that, at almost completely dispense with oil, we immediately notice that the digestion of these foods is much more pleasant. Where this cooking method does not convince us is when it comes to cooking some empanadas, such as croquettes, which end up exploding inside, and are really difficult to brown. But we understand that with practice it is something that can be improved.


Of course this fryer has made an excellent impression on us, its price andn Spain is 99.99 euros. When it comes to cooking, the food comes out very tasty, and above all we like its versatility, since it is not just about cooking the typical potatoes. Since you can cook a steak, as if it were a griddle, so we can use it not only as a fryer, but also as a griddle or oven.

Special mention for its connectivity, unique in the market, which allows us to use it as a another gadget, an Internet of Things device. Controlling it through voice commands is something worthy of a science fiction story. If we had to improve something, it would be the capacity of the fryer, since it may be a little short to cook certain foods. And, above all, this limits its use as an oven for somewhat more sophisticated products in larger portions.