We tested the new Xiaomi S12 robot vacuum cleaner: unbeatable for quality-price

we tested the new xiaomi s12 robot vacuum cleaner: unbeatable
we tested the new xiaomi s12 robot vacuum cleaner: unbeatable

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S12

choose a Vacuum cleaner robot It is not easy, since there are more and more models to choose from. However, Xiaomi has set out to consolidate itself more than ever in this market with its new model. Robot Vacuum S12an option that not only cleans dust from the floor, but also scrubs.

Following the line of Xiaomi, the well-known Chinese brand launches a new vacuum cleaner which can be easily integrated into all homes thanks to its white design. At ADSLZone we have been lucky enough to try it, so it is time to see each of its details, as well as the qualities that this robot hides with which you can clean your house every day without worries.

First impressions of the Robot Vacuum S12

You will like this Xiaomi robbery a lot. First of all, you have to look at its design in white, a point to take into account if you are one of those who pay attention to the fact that it matches the decoration of the home, either because of the color of the furniture, the walls, etc. There is no doubt that it will integrate smoothly with the aesthetics of your living room.

In addition, for this occasion the firm has forgotten to put a bright color. This model features a matte design with a rough texture that is key so that possible bumps or scratches that it may have over time are not noticed.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S12 design

Before entering each of the features that we have tested of this Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, we must bear in mind that it comes with LDS navigation system by cartography. In this way, it ensures an efficient route without obstacles in the house such as chairs, furniture, etc., being a problem.

  • The robot depot

It is time to enter an important point: tank access cover. In this case, the Robot Vacuum S12 has a dual tank, both for collecting dust and for water. It is quite comfortable, since we have everything in one place so that we do not take too long to remove the dirt or fill the vacuum cleaner with water.

Although here you will have to be somewhat careful. By having in one place the dust collection and water loading It is important that when pouring water it does not fall into the other compartment. More than anything, because if the dirt gets wet, you will have a more difficult time removing the dirt that has been cleaning from your house, since the filter it comes with will not be as effective when it is wet.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S12 tank

One of the most notable points is that it has an intelligent deposit that will allow you know the water level that you have at all times. To do this you will have to use the Xiaomi Home app from your smartphone. In any case, it will ensure the complete cleaning of the floor, whether it is tiles, parquet, you have rugs or carpet at home.

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Xiaomi Home - xiaomi smart home
Xiaomi Home - xiaomi smart home

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Xiaomi Home – xiaomi smart home
Developer: Beijing Xiaomi Co.,Ltd

  • The roller of the vacuum cleaner

the roller combine zebra brush with rubber. In this case, we have always liked rubber ones. More than anything because they have a greater capacity to remove dirt from the ground, although for homes with pets those of cedars usually give better results. For this reason, the combination of both is a success by Xiaomi.

It is easy to disassemble for cleaning. And the detail of including a small tool with a brush for cleaning the robot and a small cutter for threads that can get wound up in the robot’s rollers is very good.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S12 roller

  • The mop can be placed

If we continue with the details of this Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, we see how the part to place the mop it is very well resolved. In this case, it is fixed with velcro and we find a small tape that is passed through the plastic part so that when you scrub it does not come loose. So it will not give you any kind of problem and you will not have to be aware that it can come loose.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S12 mop

  • Battery and charging base

How could it be otherwise, in terms of autonomy This robot from the Chinese firm does not disappoint either. With its 3,2000 mAh battery it can offer up to 130 minutes. And when you have to charge it, its base has magnetic contacts for charging the robot vacuum cleaner. In addition, this always arrives well at the base.

content box Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S12

Price and where to buy it

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop S12 launches into the robot vacuum market with an Early Bird offer. For what stays on €269.99 in stores like: MediaMarkt, Amazon, Carrefour and Vodafone between May 22 and 28. And it will also be available from today, May 22, on Yoigo and on the official Xiaomi website for 269.99 euros. For this same price, it can be purchased in the other stores that we have mentioned as of May 28. Although the official launch price is 299.99 euros.

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