We tested the Motorola Edge 40 Neo: it stands out in design and screen, and performs well in any situation

The Moto Edge 40 Neo stands out in design and screen

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo is one of the most interesting phones under 400 euros, and it has an incredible 144 Hz pOLED screen.

Motorola is doing things right with its mid-range catalog, and the company presented the Motorola Edge 40 Neo last September. It is a smartphone with a large pOLED screen and fast charging that make it stand out quite a bitand which is now available in Spain for a price of 399 euros.

In EL ESPAƑOL – El Androide Libre, we have analyzed this device to see everything it offers. In this case, it has been the Caneel Bay color version, in collaboration with Pantoneas shown by a badge on the back.

It is one of those devices that, despite having a 6.55-inch screen, is comfortable in the hand and easy to take anywhere. Furthermore, thanks to its processor signed by MediaTek, it not only has 5G, but It also has good performance at the power level.

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo is a smartphone that catches the eye. It has some design features that make it stand out compared to other devices in the same price range. We have tested the Caneel Bay color version, which Like the other two, it is in collaboration with Pantone.

On the back we find a synthetic leather finish, a rare bird in the current smartphone market and one that few brands use. The touch it offers is very good, with the porosity that characterizes this type of material and that also helps to hold the phone with one hand better, since it slips less than other materials with a matte finish.

Curved back of the Motorola Edge 40 Neo

On the back we only find the module in which its dual camera is located, the brand logo and a badge with a different touch in which the Pantone panel is shown. This color, in particular, is very striking, and also is present on the edges of the deviceSomething that suits it really well is that it does not have a 3.5 mm jack, its buttons are located on the right side and it also has a curved screen, to which a rear curve is added that reinforces ergonomics.

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It is one of those phones that, due to its color and feel, people like to wear naturally, and another detail that speaks of the company’s concern for design is that a case of the same color is included in the box. It is not the typical transparent case which, although it is appreciated that it is present in the box, does not contribute much on an aesthetic level. In this case it is quite the opposite. It is made with recycled materials, and a small strip protrudes from the front to let us see a little of this color and protect the device if it is placed face down.

We are looking at a device that has a moderate panel in terms of size, 6.55 inches. It uses pOLED technology, which means you can enjoy very vivid colors. and pure blacks that, in addition to saving some battery, make the panel stand out when viewing multimedia content or playing games.

Its resolution is Full HD+, which is expected considering that it is a mobile phone costing less than 400 euros. Its refresh rate reaches 144 Hz, which means that you can enjoy great fluidity in the movements of the interface and in compatible games, where this figure makes it comparable to the screens of some mobile phones gaming.

Google Chrome on the Motorola Edge 40 Neo

Its side edges are curved, a feature that is still part of the aesthetics and that some will like more and others will like less. Personally, I am not a fan of this type of fronts, but this device fits very well, and makes it easier to grip.

We have been able to enjoy great performance from the panel, and it is one of the most interesting features of the device, not only because of its high refresh rate, but also because of the good results when consuming multimedia content on YouTube and other applications. streaming. In addition, its maximum brightness of 1,300 nits means that there is no problem when looking at its screen in the sun, although it is not the same experience as with the high-end.

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Although it is not a high-end mobile, this Motorola Edge 40 Neo has great performance, which allows you to use the mobile to work perfectly in a reliable way. Your processor is Mediatek Dimensity 7030, which also allows you to enjoy 5G connectivity.

In the only version that the company sells in Spain, this model has 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storagecompetent quantities that will allow the device to not become obsolete in terms of power over the years.

Using the Motorola Edge 40 Neo

In our tests, the experience with internet browsing and social networks has been very good, something also facilitated by its screen. The device works fast, without jerks or performance-related issues. Its RAM memory makes it managing multitasking when there are many apps open is not a problem.

When playing, there is no problem with the vast majority of titles like Call of Duty or Rocket League Sideswipe, and in other heavier or less optimized titles, the graphic settings may need to be reduced slightly. Its 5,000 mAh battery gives you enough autonomy to finish the day and even start the next day, although it is difficult for it to last more than a day and a half. Of course, it has 68W fast charging, and the best thing is that its charger is included in the box. It is one of their best additions.

Its photographic section is simple, but sufficient. He has a 50 Mpx main camera and a wide-angle sensor, which also functions as a macro, whose resolution amounts to 13 Mpx. In everyday photography, it is a great alternative, which works quickly and allows you to open the camera and take a photo quickly without any problem.

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In general, it has a fairly realistic color, although there are times when it slightly oversaturates the images, although these are very specific cases. The level of detail is good, and although you can ask for a little more, the results are usually satisfactory. Its 2x mode is a digital crop, since it does not have a telephoto sensor

Wide-angle photographs lose some detail, and the color representation is somewhat worse, and has a slight haze effect. The selfie is correct thanks to its 32 Mpx camera, but, without a doubt, what stands out the most is its selfie camera.

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo is one of the most balanced phones you can buy in its price range, and even for its starting price of 399 euros It is a great option. If it is achieved with some reduction in price, even better, although it is a good price considering the overall performance calculation.

It is a device that is not too large, easy to grip and with a very striking design, especially in this version in collaboration with Pantone. It includes a case of the same color in its box and also the 68W fast charging charger and cable. In terms of design and battery, it is a success.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo camera

Its camera is not the best in the segment, but it is good, and it can be a great option for those people looking for moderate performance in this sense, but a perfect balance in the rest of its features. Its software, as usual for the brand, is quite cleanand apart from a couple of pre-installed applications that can be easily removed, it doesn’t add anything unnecessary to the operating system.

Processor and memory


Rear camera

Front camera




Dimensions and weight