We tested the Honor Magic6 Lite: a mobile phone full of virtues in design, photography and autonomy

Honor Magic 5 Lite is announced with Snapdragon 695 and 40W charging
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The Honor Magic 6 Lite is a well-kept mobile phone, carefully designed, packed with virtues and with sublime photography in low-light and nighttime environments.


Honor already made its intentions clear with the launch of the Honor Magic5 Lite in February of this year, a very complete mobile phone at a great price that now has its successor, the Honor Magic6 Lite. A new smartphone that follows in the footsteps of its predecessor to focus on a high-quality screen, exceptional photography skills and exquisite performance to boast of great autonomy.

Now its price with which it arrives in Spain: 399 euros. Best of all, until January 31 you can purchase with a 50 euro discount, the gift of the HONOR Earbuds X5 headphones and the HONOR Super Charge charger. =4>. It can be perfectly said that the Chinese company is starting the year with great force with the new Honor Magic 6Lite to lay the foundations for a year 2024 that will surely be very important for its interests here in Spain and the rest of the regions.< /span>



In photography, the 108 Mpx sensor does an exceptional job in low light conditions to allow you the luxury of taking night photographs in tenths of a second. That is, you don’t have to wait for it to take a photo under that light environment, although it also shows a counter when it needs a little more time.

If it has been mentioned that it is a mobile phone with excellent performance with great fluidity and response at all times, in terms of autonomy it reaches two days. This way you will be able to surpass your top competitors in this experience, such as Google’s Pixel a series or the Galaxy A54.


It also gives a note in the design with a rear camera module unique that follows the language design of the Honor Magic5 Lite, but with an exceptional detail in the circular ring with a gold touch in the serrated finish that surrounds the circumference of the module. A luxury detail to give a very special touch to the aesthetics of the mobile; another of the saints and shibboleths that Honor is earning since it landed a little over 2 years ago in Spain.

Design: exceptional

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Honor continues to launch mobile phones with an exquisite design and the Magic6 Lite was no different. It can be perfectly known for its great work in the visual aspect of its smartphones and the Magic6 Lite takes aesthetics to the highest level.

You only have to take a look at the ring of the camera module to realize that the precision in each of the tiny pieces of the teeth It is simply engineering at the highest level. It is a detail that also shows the brand’s desire to demonstrate its great capacity to launch unique devices to the Spanish market.

Another of its details is the vegan leather back that offers a very soft and delicate touch, almost as if it were touching the skin human. The best thing here is to stop by a stand in a shopping center to experience it for yourself, since words cannot express what it feels like in this sense (and no, this is not an exaggeration).


The weight and size have also been taken care of to be a mobile that weighs 185 g and has a width of 7.98 mm to offer a very compact format that is far from other larger mobile phones. In this case, it follows Google’s Pixel a series to also be compact smartphones that are easy to carry.


One of its highlights is the 6.78-inch OLED screen with 1.5K resolution and a peak brightness of 1,200 nits so that Not even daylight, even with the sun’s rays hitting directly on the panel, complicates the user’s vision.


It has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which can be adapted according to the use of the mobile phone and thus does not put too much pressure on the terminal’s battery. Other details of its screen are the 1.07 billion colors and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut. Also, the screen is curved, so in this sense you access a premium terminal with one of the elements that is usually linked to mobile phones that cost more than 600 euros.

And to make it clear that all possible resources have been put into the screen, it is a very resistant to falls that has certification SGS five-star resistance rating. This is because it is capable of withstanding falls from a height of 1.5 meters and from all possible angles.


Without power there is no mobile phone worth it, and here HONOR includes the Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 chip that offers optimal performance for the most situations, just as it does its job to bring autonomy to the entire day without problems.

It is responsible for ensuring that performance is excellent with no type of lag to respond instantly to any user interaction. It is accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage; more than enough to go from deleting photos for months or not doing any optimization tasks to WhatsApp-type apps.

Not so related to power, but for its 399 euros it includes a on-screen fingerprint sensor to unlock the mobile; Even the fingerprint can be used to enter the Safe, the brand’s own alternative to others such as the well-known Samsung Secure Folder, with which sensitive information of all kinds can be stored.

Photographic performance

Photography is another of the protagonists of this Android mobile as it has a 108 Mpx main camera on the back, a 5 Mpx ultra wide angle camera and a 2 Mpx macro camera. Mpx. The main one uses a large 1/1.67-inch sensor and an aperture of f/1.75 to capture all the light possible in those low-light photographs that continue to be the Achilles’ heel of the vast majority. of mobiles.


In the tests carried out by EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre, low-light photography stands out by respecting the color of the scene as it is being taken. It doesn’t oversaturate it or make it almost look like daytime instead of that special color tone when it’s dusk. And that light at those hours is usually the key to some very beautiful photographs. In this case, the Honor Magic6 Lite, takes the color as is.

What the camera does to get that light is combine 9 light-capturing pixels into a larger one with a size equivalent to 1.92μm. Another detail is its optics with a 3x focal length and the ability to focus on a moving subject. The 5 Mpx ultra-wide-angle camera has a 110° field of view to capture all the details of football stadiums, environments or landscapes of great beauty or one of those photos in which the whole family must appear in a group photo. .

Then, on the front it mounts a 16 Mpx camera with f/2.45 aperture for greater clarity of the user’s face in selfie photos; although, of course, it has a beauty mode to clean your face a little and thus look the best possible in those selfies.

In our tests we highlight low-light and night photography and the great speed of capture under these circumstances. Logically, with daylight the speed in capturing photographs is instantaneous and shows a great balance in color to show that in this matter Honor knows that it has to get it right with each of the cameras.


Where it suffers the most is when using the ultra-wide-angle camera or the 3x zoom in nighttime environments. Especially if the user is not able to hold the mobile phone firmly, since in this way the photos captured are not sharp enough, or they appear a little out of focus; especially on the sides of the ultra wide angle camera photography.

You will have to fight for price with the renewal of the next Galaxy A54 and Pixel 8a in the photo; with greater difficulty compared to Google’s mobile phone which in computing has been the king for years. In any case, this mobile phone is exquisite in the photographic experience in its price range; If I already had a telephoto lens with a larger zoom, it would be perfect and ideal.

Custom layer

HONOR knows well that currently it is necessary to offer a fast, beautiful and highly productive interface. It has different competitors that are offering good experiences in this sense, whether it is pure Android through the Pixel or the interface itself that OPPO mobiles use.

MagicOS 7.2 is present based on Android 13 and with some very interesting aspects to be a very modern interface. The quick access panel follows what is seen in other custom layers such as the same one from Samsung. The control center is made up of a series of large mosaics to differentiate the most used connections, such as Bluetooth and WiFi, from others such as mobile data or airplane mode; Just like the media player, the brightness and sound each have their own bar to make it easy to play music, raise the brightness peak or reduce the volume.


A point that I like is the bar located right at the bottom of the control center to quickly access WiFi point, screenshot, flashlight, do not disturb mode and automatic screen rotation.

We also want to highlight the AOD (Always on Display) available so that you can even use some of the pre-established images and that give it a special touch to access the most important information without having to unlock the screen. It is another of the details that add up.

It is also not lacking in its own apps in order to leave aside the typical ones that are usually used by Google: clock, alarm, calendar, calculator and many others. HONOR continues working to have its own ecosystem of applications and the HONOR Magic6 Lite perfectly shows the evolution that the brand is achieving. One such example is Safe, mentioned above, which allows you to save all files with sensitive information. It doesn’t offer much more than creating folders and managing files, but it’s more than enough to store photos, videos or files.

Finally, the gestures are even different so that switching to widgets or changing the wallpaper is done with a pinch instead than the long one usually used in other custom layers. A way to distinguish yourself and let the industriousness of the work done by the entire team behind the engineering of your mobile phones drop.


That said, the interface presents three main gestures to launch the notification panel with a downward gesture from the upper left side, another similar one from the opposite side and another from the central part of the screen to start the search; similar to other layers such as Xiaomi’s own MIUI (although it is now HyperOS).


Another of its highlights is the 5300 mAh battery which, thanks to the Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 chip, brings autonomy to two full days; Yes, depending on the use that is given to it, since playing games that autonomy can last for the day. But it is true that with the chip, the light custom layer and the battery capacity, it performs outstandingly in this section.

What we do not know is the power of fast charging, although in this sense Honor has always stood out to offer enough so that in 15 minutes you can go out again with the mobile ; It falls short of other competitors that max out loads with 120W or higher options.

Gaming performance

To test the performance of the Honor Magic6 Lite there is no better game than Mighty Doom, a top-view shooter in which 3D makes its great presence to test the capacity of the chip, GPU and RAM of the Honor mobile system.


You can say that it is playable, but it doesn’t have all the fluidity that you might expect. We have tested whether even changing the refresh rate of the screen from variable to maximum (120 Hz) managed to improve the frames per second, but it remains the same. In any case, it shows that it is a mobile phone that is perfectly suitable for games with a greater number of players; those Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans and many others that, although they were launched years ago on Android, still have hundreds of thousands of players around the planet.

I buy it?

Honor starts 2024 in the best possible way with the Honor Magic6 Lite at a price of 399 euros. And you can almost count its competitors, which will initially be in Spain: the Nothing Phone (2a), whose price has already been leaked, the renewal of the current Galaxy A54 and the next Pixel 8a from Google. The first would arrive at around 400 euros and the third would go for the same price range, although upwards.


Here the Honor Magic6 Lite has the great advantage of being produced by a manufacturer that is offering an experience that could be similar to that of a mobile phone that costs around 600 euros< /span>: exceptional design, large screen, an interface that moves with fear with its own apps and a very complete ecosystem, outstanding photography in some corners and an autonomy that with normal use allows reaching both days.

Honor does not play at imitating anyone and has its own seal and identity; which will benefit you when the aforementioned mobile phones come onto the market, each of them with their own way of understanding what a smartphone is (Nothing with that special design on the back and the Pixel with the advantage of having the latest updates to Android) .

And yes, it is a mobile phone that we recommend from voonze  because at this price you can’t ask for more. It has its buts, but they disappear in the face of all its virtues to be one of the best Android phones that will be launched this year at this price range.


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