We tested the best Samsung tablets: incredible screens and very high-level performance

we tested the best samsung tablets incredible screens and very.jpg
we tested the best samsung tablets incredible screens and very.jpg

Between the functions of the S Pen and those integrated into the system for use with the keyboard or hands, the S9 stands out from the competition. This is seen even more clearly if we use a Samsung ecosystem, with its watches, mobile phones and computers, or if we simply use Windows as the operating system on our computer.

The software that comes exclusively temporarily also to these S9as GoodNotes, It also helps tip the balance if we hesitate between these models and others from other manufacturers. In fact, Samsung is giving away a year of that application to S9 Series buyers. The gift is for six months Clip Studio Paint Ex.

Samsung knows that these tablets They won’t be your best-selling devices. Their prices rise above 1000 euros even in the most basic configurations, which prevents them from being sales stars. But they don’t intend it either. Samsung’s development work can be seen in both models, and the software and S-Pen make them the best tablets that can be bought in Spain with Android. Only the Lenovo Tab Extreme and a few others could stand up to them, and the Samsung software could be what tips the balance to its side.

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