We tested the Amazfit Balance: its smart watch finally allows payments and also improves your sleep quality

we tested the amazfit balance its smart watch finally allows.jpg
we tested the amazfit balance its smart watch finally allows.jpg

Special mention of the autonomy with magnetic charging and a typical duration up to 14 days, with battery saving mode to reach 25 days and in watch mode up to 50 days (5 days with AOD mode). The only downside is charging, as it takes almost two hours to complete.

There are other details that must be valued: its light weight with 35 g (without strap) and its dimensions with 46 x 46 x 10.6 mm. It’s not that it’s a small watch, far from it, but it’s not one of those huge ones either; It will always depend on the size of the wrist and try it first to assess if it fits well, since there are many users who look at this point.

At first contact this watch Amazfit meets all the premises of the Chinese brand since it began to be known here in Spain: elegant design, full of extra functions (contactless payments and Alexa), make calls, all kinds of sensors to measure health, AI to give advice of all kinds related with the physical and emotional state (under subscription) and a personalized layer full of widgets, apps and those spheres that allow you to personalize it however you want.

With all that said, and taking a look at its price, it can be said that it is a smart watch that offers a lot for what it costs. With Black Friday approaching on the horizon and Christmas a little more distant, it can become the desired watch for yourself or be the best gift for a family member or partner. Not only because of its design (which offers different straps to adapt its visual appearance), but because of everything related to health and those skills to be the best accessory that can be purchased for a mobile phone.

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