We tested Samsung’s new T5 EVO portable SSD: 8 TB capacity for an incredible external drive



This SSD can store up to 2 million 3.5 MB photos and 3,500 2 GB videos at a transfer speed of 390 Mb/s.

If Samsung stands out for its mobile phones such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra and those OLED panels that it mounts on its own smartphones or those of Apple, as far as storage units are concerned, it is facing one of the best companies on the planet. The new T5 EVO 8TB is simply the best example of what was said.

The new Samsung T5 EVO 8 TB that we have been able to test in EL ESPAƑOL – El Androide Libre has just arrived in Spain. A storage unit that has some simply awesome features. Of course, its 8 TB (actual 7.27 TB in Windows) of storage draws a lot of attention, offering unparalleled flexibility to make full copies of all the internal hard drives you have on a PC or for those production formats. larger size for audiovisual professionals.

Apart from its enormous storage capacity, the reading and writing speeds go hand in hand, both reaching 460 Mb/s sequentially. Its transfer capacity makes it a high-performance SSD thanks to the using a USB 3.2 Gen 1 port that allows data transfer up to 3.8 times faster than external hard drives.


Reading speed in our tests goes to 390 Mb/s from Samsung T5 EVO drive to root hard drive from the PC with a unit consisting of a Western Digital Black SN770 1 TB PCIe Gen4 NVMe. A video file of 7 GB passes in just over 10 seconds to this mentioned unit at a rate of 390 Mb/s.

With these transfer, reading and writing speeds added to its 8 TB of storage, although in Windows it actually stays at 7.27 TB, it allows you to store more than 2 million 3.5 MB photos, 1.8 million 4 MB music files or 3,500 2 gigabyte videos. A feat in performance to perform copy or file storage tasks in the shortest time possible.

We have taken these sensations from the first moment with this SSD storage unit to make clear the great flexibility it provides to store files, clean current drives or simply have the best external hard drive to save large files; In this case, professionals dedicated to video in all areas will find a new travel companion with the Samsung T5 EEVO 8 TB.

All these capabilities for a very light unit: 102 grams and with dimensions of 95 mm wide, 40 mm long and 17 mm thick. There is another aspect that I liked when testing this unit: the feel thanks to the rubber used and the feeling of being very resistant in hand. In fact, it is a device with the ability to withstand drops from two meters as attested by Samsung.


Its body is black and it has a gray titanium ring on one of its sides to give it a very elegant touch in its visual appearance. That ring allows it to be attached to a bag or any piece of luggage. It could be ideal if this ring could be opened to attach a Samsung SmartTag2 so that it can be located at all times with this tracking device from the Korean technology giant.

There are two other aspects that must be taken into account. Related to security, the 8 Terabyte Samsung T5 EVO has Dynamic Thermal Guard technology against overheating so you can keep the unit at a good temperature. In fact, also includes 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) so that its content can be encrypted through the tool that Samsung has for Android, Windows and Mac. Speaking of Android, there is an app that allows you to encrypt the content with a password to protect it.


Finally, it is a storage unit that works for both PCs and mobiles with USB type-C connection like other types of products. As long as they have that type of connection, the 8 TB of storage and its high transfer speed will be available to save all types of data.

It is a premium SSD storage drive at a price that may be prohibitive for many users, but its excellent performance is the best excuse to get one. What this means is that you are looking at a product that is perfectly suitable for a normal user, but one that will get the most out of it. You will be a professional dedicated to any field related to video or what photography could be like.


That is, it requires a unit prepared to contain large format files with sizes that easily exceed tens of gigabytes, or they simply want to have a large backup for files that they have to care for so as not to lose them.

We recommend its purchase, taking into account that its price in Spain starts at 209.99 euros in its 2 TB version; The 4 TB version costs 378.99 euros, and the 8 TB version costs 694.99 euros. In short, this 8 TB Samsung T5 EVO unit is a very special product at all levels, both for its design and its storage capacity, as well as its read/write speeds or its light weight or capacity for data encryption. A premium SSD for the most demanding users.

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