We test the new skills with Alexa AI

we test the new skills with alexa ai.jpg
we test the new skills with alexa ai.jpg

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Alexa, Amazon’s assistant, has also been present at CES 2024. And it has done so with the premiere of three new skills which are characterized by the use of artificial intelligence. Although they are not yet available in Spanish, we have been able to try them in English. So keep reading so we can tell you what our impressions have been.

It is obvious that Alexa, the virtual assistant we have been turning to in recent years, is going to get carried away by the AI ​​trend. And how Amazon does not want to be left behindwhat the entity has done is present three skills that use artificial intelligence to provide performance that is, to say the least, interesting.

Create songs from scratch

The first of the skills we have tested is called Splash Music and can be opened simply by telling Alexa “Alexa, Open Splash Music.” This is an AI function with which it is possible create musical compositions from scratch based on the different instructions that we give to the assistant. To begin with, the first thing it will ask us is the type of genre from which we want to create the song. Sometimes he forgets to ask us and goes straight to creating a song of his own free will, but you can always wait for him to finish and then make adjustments accordingly.

Test the Alexa Splash Music skill



After a few seconds of waiting, we will be able to hear the first test of the result. But since you are a demanding producer and Alexa asks you if you want to make changes, what you will do is give some indication so that the song continues to take shape. In our case, the first thing we asked him for was a “Spanish pop” song and then we told him to add lyrics to the music. As a third option, we asked him to change the male voice to a female one. And the fourth step was to give the song a title.

At this point you can continue making changes, additions and anything else that comes to mind. You can tell him “put a little guitar into it” (in English for now, of course) and he will make the arrangement so that the song is to your liking. When you finish you will have to say “send it to my phone” and, shortly after, you will have a link that will open in the browser so you can access the song. As a curiosity, you can see the result of my composition by clicking here.

guessing game

The second skill is opened with the command “Alexa, open Volley Games.” It is advisable to refine your English accent as much as possible so that the assistant detects what you are asking, given that he is usually demanding, so much so that until the second attempt he has not understood what we were telling him. Behind this skill is an Alexa game of guessing what can be really challenging and that guarantees a high level of entertainment.

A virtual assistant equipped with AI

Upon starting, the game’s AI welcomes you and tells you that it is thinking about an object of a certain category, also indicating the difficulty level at which the tool is activated. From there you have 20 questions that you can ask him to try to guess what the object in question is. It’s not easy at all, but it is quite fun. Also keep in mind that the questions must be answered with “Yes” or “No”, although artificial intelligence usually lends a hand and, sometimes, goes beyond its limits to help you.

First we asked him if it is an object that is in the kitchen and he told us no, so we went on to ask if it is in a room. Once we determined that it was in this place, at least normally, and knowing that it is a musical instrument, we asked if anyone could play it. He answers yes, although specifying that practice and learning are required. Little by little we are asking more and more questions until, without being proud of it, and after trying several times to reach the conclusion (from the piano to something less common like the hummel), we end up losing. AI has beaten us! The upside is that you can start over and there are plenty of mystery objects to think about, so there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Conversations with AI

The last of the skills is the Alexa version of the Character.AI website, which we have already told you about on occasion and which is a very advanced technology (even within its website it is possible to talk to an AI that represents Alexa , which is still curious). Its purpose is that you can start conversations with characters of all kinds and that it seems like you are talking to them really. The variety of characters is huge, so you can prepare to participate in some very interesting conversations. To open it, you have to tell Alexa the following: “Open Character.AI.”

You can choose between fictional characters, famous people who are alive, or historical or famous people who have passed away. Your way of communicating totally reflects your personality and they have a very convincing database of information that helps make it seem like you’re talking to the real person. It’s as if, for example, you were talking to the wax version of Theodore Roosevelt that appears in the movie Night at the Museum (at least that’s the type of impression the skill provides).

A man on horseback dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte

My intention was to talk to Agustina de Aragón to see if she would sing a jota, but since she is not among the available characters, I went to talk to Napoleon Bonaparte. And after the respective greetings in French and asking her to speak to me in English, I asked her opinion about Agustina. I don’t know if it was due to a database error or because she wanted to mislead me, the first thing she tells me is that she was the wife of Charles V, and then she attacks saying that she doesn’t like women who oppose her.

At this point I am already clear that Napoleon Bonaparte is not a diplomat, not even in his AI version. Going deeper into what he thinks of Agustina he says that he got angry with her because he confronted him. In any case, “see you later Napoleon.”

Painting showing Napoleon Bonaparte on a horse

The interesting thing about this skill is that it not only allows you to talk with characters, but also with profiles. For example, you can have a conversation with a person who is specialist in a certain subject and so I can give you advice. It is not advisable to follow them to the letter, but it can be a way to resolve doubts or have a fun time. For now, this skill is only available in the United States and other countries such as the Philippines, although it is expected to reach the rest of the world soon.



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