We hadn’t recommended a good, pretty and cheap mobile phone with our eyes closed for years. And then the POCO M6 Pro arrived

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1705244130 840 560.jpeg

It is the answer to the question: I want a good phone while spending as little as possible


If there is a question that is repeated to people who are dedicated to current technology, that is what mobile phone should I buy. If we also take into account that the majority of people in Spain spend less than 300 euros (55%, according to a Milanuncios study from 2022), then it is clear that the most interesting range is capped at 300 euros. What’s more, there abounds a profile of basic use that wants the best while spending as little as possible.

In that segment, Xiaomi’s language has been spoken for years: be careful, not only Xiaomi and its brands, but also others like OPPO or Realme are fighting for it. Xiaomi is one of the main actors but in all honesty, from the POCO X3 Pro The feeling is that Xiaomi’s sister brand has not made such a strong commitment again. Or, living up to her name, she had given so much for so little. But the┬áhas arrived to hit the table for those looking for a good, pretty and cheap phone.

Before starting, a note. It wouldn’t be fair to compare the POCO X3 Pro with the POCO M6 Pro at the level of specifications, since following the nomenclature of the brand, it would be appropriate to do so with the POCO X6 Prowhich goes on the market for 349 euros, the same price as the beastly LITTLE F3 that rounded off a generation that marked an era (and that ignores the POCO X6, another splendid candidate for a little more).

The key is that in those three years of difference there has been a general increase in prices that makes for the same budget, the bar must be lowered because what that generation offered is simply impossible today. And there is another ace up the sleeve: Android phones depreciate relatively quickly and in a matter of weeks there will also be succulent offers on the latest generation of POCOs.

It is the mobile to recommend for those who want to spend the less, the better

Having clarified the above, what the POCO M6 Pro offers for just over 200 euros makes him the rival to beat.

There are issues such as design that have their subjective part, but it is one of the least daring and strident models of the M series, achieving a sober and balanced appearance that will undoubtedly have its point for the most classic people on an aesthetic level. At 170 grams and less than 8 millimeters thick, it has a moderately manageable size within the trend. In this range it is important have the classic and reliable headphone jack and POCO has not forgotten him.


AMOLED panels are no longer an exception among cheap phones, but this 6.67-inch one with Full HD resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate and good peak brightness, a most reliable combo to enjoy viewing and consuming content.

At the hardware level, the performance of the device will have to be thoroughly tested. MediaTek Helio G99-Ultra, but Xiaomi has full confidence in a chip that the firm says provides “powerful performance with fluid frame rates.” It is accompanied by two luxury squires for the price range in which we operate: 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage which, although they are not the most modern components, do make up a Solvent trio for everyday life at the level of multitasking, space and performance.

One of the big surprises of this M6 Pro is that its 5,000 mAh battery is compatible with the 67W fast charging And the charger also comes in the box. So to the good autonomy usual in this type of models we add a device ready from 0 to 100% in a very short time.

The trio of lenses on its rear camera (a 64 MP main sensor, an 8MP wide-angle and a 2MP macro) are within what would be expected in its range, but it hides a very interesting ace up your sleeve: the optical image stabilizer, which can be key in terms of results for those blurry and blurry photographs. The OIS is mandatory in the high and medium range, but in this range it can be differential.

But this It is not a perfect mobile, something that on the other hand is not a requirement considering what it costs. Thus, it lacks 5G connectivity and although it is specified that it comes enhanced with HyperOSthe reality is that the update is pending via OTA.

The fast charging feature is possibly the most outstanding thing about the POCO M6 Pro, having a notable or notable high in the rest and this positions it as the most recommended phone in its price range, technical sheet in hand: It is difficult to find a rival that competes for specifications at that price.

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