We can buy train tickets from the Google search engine

buscador de trenes.jpg
buscador de trenes.jpg

Google has announced a feature that will allow, in the near future, buying train tickets through search.

This feature will be available in several countries, including Spainand aims to make it easier for users to have more travel options in less time.

We will only have to put the desired route in the search engine, something like “trains from Madrid to Barcelona”, for example, and without leaving the search engine we will have several options with a link each. By clicking on one of the options, we will go to the associated website to buy the ticket, so if it is a Renfe train, for example, the website will continue to receive the buyer’s visit, Google will only facilitate the search.

Google will display low-carbon options, and will do the same when displaying flight and hotel options. In fact, in flight searches the option “only low emissions” will appear so that we can mark it if we want it to ignore the most polluting flights.

As far as hotels are concerned, an “eco-certified” filter can be activated, a certificate given to some hotels verified by external organizations after analyzing variables such as energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction and sustainable sourcing.

This search for sustainable routes has been expanding in all branches of Google. We recently saw it on Google Maps, and now they want to highlight the feature in their flight, hotel, and train search engine.

Ecological navigation, which recently arrived in Europe, is essential to create awareness and spread the greenest options on the market.

These new features will be expanding to more locations soon, and will most likely include coach routes as well.

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