We can already earn money with Linktree, charging for premium content


Paywalls to access premium content are becoming more common on all platforms, and Linktree does not want to be the exception.

What was once a simple link bundling page is now a whole platform for sharing content, and they just announced a paywall so we can ask our followers for money if they want access to special content.

It thus shows a way for users to monetize the content they share on their page, a new payment block function, so that readers pay to download PDF files, access messaging groups or make personalized 1 to 1 queries. The creators they can charge up to $150 for each piece of content.

The paid feature is not available for Linktree users on the free plan, you have to be premium, and using it to charge for adult content is prohibited, so you won’t become a competition from onlyfans and the like.

Linktree is extremely used in profiles like Instagram or TikTok, since when a follower clicks on this link, they see a collection of social network profiles and other elements that the creator wants to disclose. It’s like the bitly page we have on WWWhatsnew at this link.

Linktree has gotten quite modernized in the past few months, even with a mobile app for creators to update their page. It seems that it wants to stop being just a links page.

You can read more about this new feature at linktr.ee.

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