We already know how to chat on WhatsApp with other applications like Telegram

now it is telegram that copies whatsapp with voice or.webp.webp.webp
now it is telegram that copies whatsapp with voice or.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp is preparing for one of the biggest changes in its more than a decade of life. In a couple of months it should include a service cross-platform chat through which users of other applications can send us messages.

The theory had already been communicated, but today we have finally been able to see a first preview on how it will work this new feature.

WhatsApp prepares to receive Telegram and others

Examining the latest beta of WhatsApp for iOS we have been able to see one of the next changes that the Meta messaging application is preparing. The service will also integrate conversations with third-party applications like Telegram and that will turn it into a kind of hub for all your chats.

This chat interoperability feature will officially arrive in a future update, as Meta still has time to integrate it and adjust to the regulations. Specifically, it will do so starting March 6, 2024, the date from which it will be possible to send text messages between individual users from other applications to WhatsApp.


Therefore, so that everything is ready when the moment of truth arrives, WhatsApp is already working to provide third party chat support to a future update of the application.
This feature is in development, so it’s not ready for beta testers, but thanks to WABetaInfo we were able to discover a preview that shows us how it will work.

Specifically, at Meta they have chosen the easiest option taking into account that this feature does not arise motu proprio, but it is an imposition. Specifically, it will do so through a new section that will contain all incoming messages from third party chatsas shown in the screenshot.

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Digital Markets Law

The new WhatsApp function will be launched at least in the European Union, where it will do so under the obligation of the DMA (Digital Markets Act), known as the Digital Markets Law. This legislation aims regulate the behavior of large technology companies, particularly those considered “gatekeepers”, which have a significant impact on the digital market. Meta is one of the six chosen, along with Alphabet (Google), Apple, Microsoft, ByteDance and Amazon.

Due to being a gatekeeper, this implies that Meta companies, such as WhatsApp, have a dominant position in its sector, in this case messaging. As such, you will need to comply with the strict rules set by the DMA.


Thanks to the interoperability obligations, users will have the ability to communicate with other people on WhatsApp using different messaging applications. Interoperability allows someone on a different messaging app, such as Signal or Telegram, to send messages to a WhatsApp user, even without needing a WhatsApp account.

This, according to the DMA, facilitates more inclusive and diverse communication channels, improving the overall user experience. It is important to mention that users must maintain control over this feature, since they must manually enable the interoperability service and have the option to cancel it, as stipulated in article 7 of the regulation. In addition, end-to-end encryption will need to be preserved in interoperable messaging systems, guaranteeing a good level of security for users participating in cross-platform communications.