Waze revolutionizes the design of its most important function and says goodbye to some options

waze revolutionizes the design of its most important function and.webp.webp.webp
waze revolutionizes the design of its most important function and.webp.webp.webp

Although there is a long list of navigation applications, Google Maps and Waze, both owned by Google, are without a doubt the most popular. Beyond belonging to the same company, both have their similarities and differences and although depending on taste, the colors, One of Waze’s strong points is its active communitysomething that is evident both by its effective radar warning and when reporting incidents.

If a few hours ago we told you that Google Maps had been completely renewed, it has not been left behind either Waze, with a facelift of its design to speed up tasks such as reporting incidents. New aesthetics and also absences, since some of all the road milestones that could be reported have disappeared.

Similar, but different. Regardless of personal preferences, Google Maps is more complete for use with different means of transportation, but Waze’s great strength is in its use in vehicles and its valuable real-time information, coming from other people who use the app at the same time and the information they provide to the platform through their options. This is where Waze has helped to ensure that its great virtue continues to be enhanced.

The way to report incidents is simplified in Waze

How have they detected on 9to5Google, in the latest update to Waze for iOS and Android there are some important changes to the reports to make them easier to open. So now there appears a new danger icon in the corner of the screen which when touched, opens a renewed menu with a question ‘what do you see?’. (Until now what was seen was a button with an orange dot)

In addition, the process of reporting an incident has also been changed, avoiding the two or three steps previously required to submit it, so that the app automatically terminates and sends the noticepreventing users from having to do it by hand (remember that it is normal for us to be caught behind the wheel and perhaps even while driving).

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The new Waze interface to report incidents. 9to5Google

Among the possible incidents to report are traffic conditions, police activity (speed controls), bad weather, blocked lanes, road closures, among others. Likewise, there are also the options of reporting gasoline prices or requesting roadside assistance for other people.

In short, the report button will have a more intuitive appearance and the process will be faster, but the problem is that along the way options have been lost (let’s remember what the complete list was with all of them) which will make it more difficult for anyone who potentially encounters them to know what to expect. The most notable absences are that of being run over (which was included in ‘Danger’) and that of reporting a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road (the vehicle on the shoulder does follow).

These new features are in the deployment phase in the form of an update, so if you have Waze installed on your phone, it will be a matter of time before you see them.

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