Waze reinvents itself with the most important update in years. These are the six new features that are arriving

waze reinvents itself with the most important update in years.webp.webp.webp
waze reinvents itself with the most important update in years.webp.webp.webp

Although Waze and Google Maps point in the same direction and have had parallel development, that has not prevented there from being differences between them. Both services belong to Google, which is why Waze also works without problems on Android Auto.

Now, this complete alternative continues to add updates after adapting to Coolwalk, receiving EV charging points, and embracing the accident history. This is one of the biggest updates in Waze history and comes with six news very juicy

Don’t leave the roundabout

Google has made it official on its blog, starting with the first change that refers to roundabouts. Now, Waze will indicate in a better way when should we access roundaboutsas well as the lane in which we will position ourselves and the exit at the exact moment.

Emergency road warnings

Secondly, we have an addition related to notifications, one of the main features of this app. When a road emergency, we will receive a notice that will give us time to act. At the moment, it reaches users in the US, Mexico, Canada and France, so we must continue waiting for it.

Notice to reduce speed

The same thing happens with the notices for reduce speed. This alert will give us time to prepare when the maximum speed on a road changes. It is being deployed and will reach all users without distinction during this month.

More warnings: dangerous curves and speed bumps

More notices are added to Waze, which will be used by the community to put us in context of closed curves close to us, as well as the presence of speed bumps where we can regulate speed. It also arrives without differences to the whole world during this month of March.

Very clear public parking lots

In a surprise alliance with Flash, Waze will show extended information on public parking. We will see the prices, whether it adapts to users with wheelchairs, and other information such as the existence of chargers for electric vehicles.

Of course, this novelty remains in the US and Canada, where more than 30,000 public parking spaces.

Old acquaintance is better for Waze

Waze succumbs to one of the users’ requests: will remember our favorite route on regular routes. Thus, it will show it to us when marking the route, along with traffic information and possible incidents. It will reach all users without difference.

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