Waze is the best navigation app I’ve ever tried: four features where it’s unrivaled

waze is the best navigation app ive ever tried four.webp.webp.webp
waze is the best navigation app ive ever tried four.webp.webp.webp

For tastes, colors and to find your favorite navigation app, Google Play Store. I have been using Android for years and have had the opportunity to test GPS navigators both directly from the mobile phone and in Android Auto: Google Maps that comes by default, Sygic, TomTom AmiGo, Maps.me… and I have one thing clear: globally Waze is the GPS navigator that satisfies me the most.

Something that quite surprises me is that although Waze was born as an independent project, it has been part of Google for years and without being “its pretty girl”, it has maintained its essence and virtues that make it better than Google Maps when we are behind the wheel. The icing on the cake is that it is free, although the side B is that it integrates advertising. After trying many browsers, it is clear to me that Waze shines above the rest in these functions.

Your active community for incidents on the road

The main virtue for which Waze stands out above the rest is its ‘Wazers’ community. Other applications like Google Maps may be used more (after all, it comes by default on Android phones), but anyone who uses Waze knows the importance of knowing that the police are at the next intersection with a checkpoint or that there are remains of a vehicle in the middle of the road and does not hesitate to report it so that in a few minutes the rest will know.


The few minutes is not an exaggeration: it will not be the first time that the police have been on the road next to my house (and within sight of my window) and when I get out of the car and turn on Waze, the warning is already there. The activity is a plus that makes the difference to avoid unpleasantness, but it is also Waze makes it easier and easier: first, with the mere existence of reporting (something that other apps also have), but two taps are enough to do it…

A casual interface, but above all, clear and intuitive

I have to confess something: I have bad orientation and it is difficult for me to read maps. Thus, it will not be the first nor the last time that with the navigator in front of me I choose the wrong path I have to take. Yes, I am clueless and I get nervous, but there are applications (most, in fact), that are not particularly clear when it comes to marking the routes and the chosen colors are too similar.

In that sober and conservative aesthetic scenario, Waze arrived and made my day. The application uses purple to delimit the route (a rarely used tone in this category of applications), a wider and more striking variety of colors. And for dispersed people like servers, those larger, more informal icons draw more attention.

The road experience


Until three years ago, my use of the car was limited: within Pamplona, ​​from there to the nearest beach and also to my town, without forgetting some trips to take a mountain route in the surrounding area. That is, rather simple roads with little traffic density. From time to time someone would touch me

It is normal for navigation applications to have options to avoid tolls or highways for those who don’t feel like opening their wallet, but Waze hides two essential tricks up its sleeve: ‘Unpaved roads‘ and ‘Avoid difficult crossings‘. It won’t be the first time that driving my Polo, Google Maps offers me a shorter route through a potentially dangerous goat path for a car as low as mine, but with the first option I avoid it in Waze. The second is a real wonder if traffic bothers you and you prefer routes that are as simple as possible, because there are intersections that are a real nightmare.



Please note that this is a secondary section compared to the previous ones, but the fact that you can configure the application to your liking is a plus. Here Waze shows his chest and eyes because it is not only matter of preferences, is that it can also improve the experience.

Thus, in terms of voice prompts, it is possible to choose male and female voices and celebrities from its long list of languages ​​(special mention to Leire, the Basque assistant) and even be able to use our own voice after recording the voiceovers. Another point of customization, in this case fun, is that you can change the car icon for another and be careful because at Christmas, they even launch a version with sleigh and Santa Claus giving directions.

Cover | Álex Alcolea (Xataka Mobile)

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