Waze in the face of danger: now it alerts you of the black spots where there are more accidents

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There are no longer so many black spots on Spanish roads, but knowing in advance when you cross one is important to concentrate on the road.

Waze and Google Maps are quite similar, but depending on the user’s needs it may be more convenient to use the first to know the speed cameras on a highway or simply be more attentive when going to cross a section of concentration of accidents. This is exactly the great novelty of Waze.

Today Waze is adding a new feature call accident history alerts and its objective is to warn drivers of dangerous points based on a combination of historical data as well as others related to the peculiarities of the road and the traffic that travels on it.

This app that has a great community of drivers in which everyone helps each other by notifying each other of traffic cuts, accidents or an object on the road, it is also characterized by offering more precise routing than Google Maps. In fact, the technology giant acquired Waze in 2013 and has been including some of its best features in its maps app.

Waze has not been without some inconveniences either. like quick turns on a highway with multiple lanes or passing through neighborhoods that were once quiet, but that with Waze have irritated the people who live there who observe how certain roads begin to be very busy when they never were. That is to say, not everything has been a bed of roses, although one of its best virtues has always been the ability to notify other users about incidents on the road.

In this sense, Waze takes advantage of this data to add it to the geographic information that includes the shape of the road and its elevation, plus typical traffic levels to determine whether a particular stretch of road has a high accident rate. If this is the case, the app will alert the user. The notice shows a yellow road icon and a blue bar that progresses as you cross the black dot on the road.

The notice in Waze to notify about an accident concentration point

Yes, according to Ars TechnicaWaze maintains that to minimize distractions It will not display these warnings on the busiest roads and will limit them to those with less traffic to prevent over-information or moments of stress for the driver. An important feature that will offer vital information about the black spots on some of the most important roads in Spain.

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