Waze has an unexpected update that will make you enjoy it like never before

waze has an unexpected update that will make you enjoy it like never before
waze has an unexpected update that will make you enjoy it like never before

The relevance that Waze is gaining more and more is due not only to the improvements of the application, but also to the vision that its managers have. The latest update they have published is unexpected and shows that the originality they display is above all. Keep reading, because we assure you that you will enjoy this novelty in style.

You may know that the new Ghostbusters movie, subtitled Frozen Empire, premieres today. And what you should also know is that Waze has launched a content update with which it has incorporated a new driving mode inspired by the universe of these characters. It’s free and available worldwide, so don’t hesitate and welcome Ray Stantz.

Who are you going to call?

You have this update now available and it is one of those details that are fantastic, because they make us have an added dose of fun when we use Waze. To activate the new Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire mode, you just have to tap on the “Try” button that you will see next to the indicator where the mode is promoted. This appears at the bottom of the interface, below the Help and Feedback or Sleep Mode options.

The novelty consists of three different features, the first of which allows us to customize the icon with which we show ourselves to other drivers. Thus, now we have the opportunity to wear the appearance of one of the iconic Mini-Pufts, who in the previous film starred in one of the funniest scenes of the film. Additionally, there are four different versions depending on your mood: Cunning, Instability, Malice or Stress. In each of them we see the mini-puft react in a different way, but in all cases in a very fun way.

Don’t forget your proton pack

The second thing you can do is activate the voice prompts, in which Ray Stantz, the character played in the franchise by the legendary Dan Aykroyd , will accompany you. It is important that you keep in mind that, for obvious reasons, this option is only available with English voices. This will allow you to listen to the original actor and thus enjoy the connection that he makes with the films at all times. Because, once you activate it, it will start to drop pearls and comments of all kinds that will make you have a great time while you are driving.

It has many phrases to accompany you and does not hesitate to refer to how the streets you pass through have paranormal readings, among other things. He also makes jokes like saying that he will give you directions by speaking to you and that you should not trust any telepathic communication you hear, since it will surely be from some spirit trying to trick you.

Thanks to the voice recording made by the legendary actor from films such as Blues Brothers, My Girl, The Game and Spies Like Us, to name just a few, the app is enjoyed in a very different way. These types of things are what encourage you to continue trusting Waze beyond its functions and the good performance it provides. Also, as we told you before, there is still one more thing in this Ghostbusters update that you can do: change your car icon on the map to the classic Ecto-1 from the movie. You will love watching the Ghostbusters car move around the map and it will surely help you enjoy both the old movies and the new one that has just arrived in theaters a little more.


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