Waven: Tactical RPG Demo is Available for Players on PC and MacOS

 Waven: An Accessible Tactical RPG Game Full of Color and Depth |  Preview
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Ankama Games announced this Monday (19) the release of a demo so that players can try out their newest game, called Waven. The demo version of the game is available on PC and MacOS.

According to the developer, the multiplayer tactical RPG demo is available from today until the 26th of June 2023. It is possible download the game demo from Steam or even directly in the Ankama launcher, on the game’s website.

As we covered in the Waven preview carried out by the team of AllCellularthe game combines adventure and turn-based strategy, inspired by other tactical RPGs, with deck building mechanics and valuable items to collect.

The developer pointed out that players will be able to choose from 25 heroes and 5 classes and evolve up to level 20 in this demo. A simplified hero selection interface and tutorial will allow players to learn more about the game’s mechanics.

The demo also contains features that will be found in the final version of the game, such as a skill tree, a player interaction system, and a logbook that tracks progress in the game.

The demo version of the game is available in English, Europeian Portuguese, Spanish, German and French. A Ankama ended by stating that the game Waven should have the worldwide free release in late 2023. The title will be co-published by Ankama and New Tales.

And you, do you intend to play this demo? Tell us in the comments down below!

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