Wave of attacks on WhatsApp accounts


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The cybercrime alarms have sounded again and WhatsApp is becoming the main prey. Hackers have started a new wave of attacks on WhatsApp accounts with the aim of stealing private data and impersonating. This is a maneuver that these types of individuals often perform in order to cause maximum damage to the victim and obtain good loot. If you want to know how to avoid scammers, we offer you a very simple solution.

Today, cyber attacks are at a peak that must be mitigated imminently. Frauds over the Internet are committed frequently and the perpetrators of these misdeeds are increasingly prepared to subdue their victims in a more perfected way. Now, deceptions through WhatsApp are becoming very common, since it is one of the applications most used by users globally. It is estimated that more than 2,000 million users communicate through WhatsApp through their mobile devices.

Therefore, the Canary Islands Computer Crime Observatory (ODIC), an organization that advises on the prevention of cybercrimes, has reported on a wave of incidents that are occurring based on attacks by cybercriminals who are trying to impersonate Canarian users through WhatsApp. Therefore, if you are one of those affected, the Canary Islands authorities propose a preventative measure that will save your account of any illegal act.

Verification Codes: Account Theft

The Computer Crime Observatory is receiving a series of cases in the Canary Islands in relation to fraudulent messages that are being reported by WhatsApp users. Specifically, the Canarian leaders announce that these accounts receive WhatsApp verification code request notices. If you take a look at the notifications, you can identify some messages that require the WhatsApp registration code for your phone number. If you have not requested it, WhatsApp advises you to ignore it and not share it with anyone. From the authorities, it is also recommended not to share or provide any verification code, as attackers would have the possibility of accessing our personal data and stealing our identity.

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whatsapp attack canarywhatsapp attack canary code

Activate two-step verification

There is a method to increase the security of your WhatsApp account and keep it safe called two-step verification. To activate two-step verification, you must first go to Settings within WhatsApp. In turn, select the Account section and then click on Two-Step Verification. Once there, click activate Enter 6 digits that will form a unique and exclusive PIN. Of course, it should be noted that this code is non-transferable, so you must be extremely careful to remember it and not share it. Finally, confirm the email address and tap Save.

Likewise, WhatsApp informs you that if you have not written down the email and forget your PIN, you have to wait 7 days to reset it. However, you can also change your PIN in case you consider it appropriate. To do this, go to Settings, Account, Two-Step Verification, Change PIN.

How to avoid this fraud

The Crime Observatory argues that you can carry out a series of precautionary measures In the event that you find yourself at risk of identity theft:

  • If you have the slightest suspicion that someone has stolen your WhatsApp account, Tell your family and friends immediately.
  • Don’t share your code with anyonenot even with your immediate family or closest friends.
  • If there is a third person who is using your WhatsApp account, you must log out on all platforms where you are connected.
  • Be that as it may, WhatsApp warns you that someone is trying to log into your account using your phone number, therefore, you should go to the police to report it.
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