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“Water” photo competition – these are the winners

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The winners of the c’t photography photo competition have been chosen. We congratulate the winners and present the top 10.

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In the c’t “water” photography competition, we were looking for the best photographs of cool water. Whether it’s waves, waterfalls or rivers, falling rain or macro shots of water drops: the subject is diverse and leaves plenty of scope for creative motifs.

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c’t photography 5/22

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The gallery members themselves chose their winner. analoochjehtooch came first with his picture “Waves of Gold”, which harmoniously reflects the evening sun on gently rolling waves. Second place goes to MB-PHOTOGRAPHIE66 for the picture “It rattles the mill”, which shows a mill ditch with a water mill in the Eifel village of Monschau. Third place goes to thofotomas for his minimalist shot “Predominantly white”.

The editors congratulate the winners and everyone who made it into the top 10. In the next issue of c’t photography we will present the photos of the ten winners in more detail.

You can find all the shots of the top ten in our picture gallery!

Photo competition water (10 pictures)

1st place: Waves of Gold by analoochjehtooch


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