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WatchOS 9 fully available for your Apple Watch

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After the many events of the year for apple, launches and updates, watchOS 9 finally arrives for all users. This time it has multiple features from the drug tracker, new faces, as well as different Fitness functions.

WatchOS 9 released to the public

This update had its announcement since WWDC 2022, but it is not until now that watchOS 9 finally arrives in its full version for the public. The first thing is to enter your device to be able to update, all this is possible through your iOS Watch app, then enter General and finally Software Update.

Remember that depending on how your device is configured, this update may be installed automatically. Be that as it may, it is also important to mention that your Apple Watch must have at least 50% battery and must also be in range of your iPhone for the entire process to be carried out correctly.

Customize with watchOS 9

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First of all, regarding customization improvements, Apple decided to integrate three totally new watch faces for your device that you can have as soon as you get watchOS 9: Metropolitan, Lunar and finally Playtime.

Playtime is a watch face focused on the little ones in the house. While on the other hand there is Metropolitan, which is a watch face a little more thought of a traditional watch but with the touch that only Apple gives.

Lunar, lastly, is a great option that showcases a dial that features the lunar and Gregorian calendar.

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As an additional detail, there is also the Astonomy face, which received some design changes to fit perfectly on larger screens. You can also get weather details, working better with the name. Although there is also the Portraits sphere, which also improves the depth details somewhat to show more diversity.

News in Health

The Cupertino company knows how important the clock is for some users, so it has decided to implement a few updates. For example, they placed the new drug trackerthinking mainly for users who are constantly in treatment and who need to know their medications thoroughly, as well as the need to follow a schedule.

Also sleep app is found, which contains log metrics. It allows users to be aware of their REM sleep data, both at a basic and experienced level. This, in turn, returns the correct sleep tracking data, to know if they really have a good sleep period by calculating heart rate, breathing and movement.


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It was apparent from the company’s approach to the device that it had enough updates and improvements for Fitness now that watchOS 9 is out.

From the beginning, with Workout you can find more views in your workouts just by turning the Digital Crown. These can be modified in the activity rings, as well as those of heart rate, power and finally in elevation.

In the Heart Rate zones, which are totally new in watchOS, they will be able to calculate how intense your routine is. In addition, there is no need to program, since everything happens automatically to adjust to your health data, although it is still possible to do it manually if required.

Lastly, there are also some changes and adjustments for training. On this occasion, watchOS 9 allows a total improvement in customization, giving the user time to catch his breath. Your Apple Watch will be able to tell you the process of your heart rate, as well as the frequency it shows; Among other data, you will also find the cadence and power during the entire period of the training you are doing.

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