Watch Ultra, Apple publishes the first two exclusive apps on the store


A few hours ed Apple Watch Ultra will be available for purchase. Those who have gone beyond the highest price that Apple has ever set for an Apple Watch excluding the Hermès versions probably pre-ordered one and now the courier wait will begin, those who preferred to wait for the first international reviews to get an idea. how he makes the Ultra in the field he will be able to buy one from tomorrow, through the Apple Store online, one of the several scattered in Italy or Amazon.

A exclusive product with exclusive apps, as promised by Apple during the launch. After all, Watch Ultra is designed for scenarios out of reach for i Seriessuch as water sports such as kitesurfing or wakeboarding, or even for dives up to 40 meters via the app Oceanic + made with the collaboration of Huish Outdoors, which “turns Watch Ultra into a dive computer” Apple explained before pointing out that the app will arrive in the fall.


So who will have it on day one, which exclusive apps can they use? Apple just released two on the App Store, Siren And Depth.

  • Siren (free, with us it could be Siren) is an app that uses the included 86 dB siren for emergencies, such as getting lost in a lonely or inaccessible place: “can help draw attention to a place”, Apple specified. With Siren, trivially, you can command the activation of the powerful Watch Ultra horn audible up to 180 meters away. The interface includes the time, a residual battery level indicator and a swipe to quickly alert the emergency services
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  • Depth (free, it should be with us Depth) takes advantage of the Apple Watch Ultra depth gauge and has a user interface designed to be as intuitive as possible: it shows all the information at a glance, time, current depth, water temperature, dive time and maximum depth reached. The possibility of programming the key is interesting Action (the new orange key) to launch the Depth app quickly and without having to tap the screen.

You will guess that having been developed to use components included only in Watch Ultra, the siren and the depth gauge, the two apps are not compatible with other Apple Watches. Almost certainly they will be pre-installed on every Ultra, Apple publishes them on the App Store in case someone decides to uninstall them and wants to install them again at a later time. Appointment in a few weeks to discover Oceanic +.

  • Siren | watchOS | App Store, Free
  • Depth | watchOS | App Store, Free