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Watch Brasil arrives on Fire TV Stick with open channels, movies and series

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Watch Brasil is a streaming subscription service that has a catalog with several different types of productions. For example, through it you can watch movies, series and even educational videos. Now, the platform comes to Fire TV Stick so that its users have access to all this content.

In case you don’t know what it’s all about, this service was the first of its kind to also include open channels available. In this way, subscribers can watch RedeTV, Globo, Record and SBT. This possibility came to Watch Brasil even before Claro made it similar to its service in 2021.

To date, the company claims to have more than 11,000 hours of content available to its subscribers. In fact, it’s not just the open channels that can be watched through the platform, as there are also several pay-TV channels that help compose your catalog. Maurício Almeida, who is CEO of the company, spoke about the news:

Our strategy is centered on user experience, so developing apps so that our customers can easily log into any app is essential. Amazon is a very relevant player and the Fire TV Stick is a very attractive plug and play solution for those looking for an affordable and practical alternative to converting

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Recently, another streaming service that became available on Amazon devices was Globoplay, which became compatible with all devices of the brand. As for Watch Brasil, the service subscription depends on the user’s region provider. Therefore, you need to check the official website for this information.

In addition to the FireTV Stick, you can install the application on Chromecast, on Android and iOS systems and even on Smart TVs from Sony, Samsung or LG.

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