Warner Bros. Movies Won’t Come To HBO Max For 45 Days, When Will “Elvis” Be Streaming?

In the last days the fate of Warner Bros. Y hbo max It has seemed uncertain after the various strategies that the company is taking for the launches and its future productions.

The cancellation of the film about batgirl It was only the tip of the iceberg of this changing company strategy that now, it seems, will take a new path, since it is possible that the theatrical releases of Warnerwhich for several months have arrived on the streaming platform in 45 days, is also something that changes.

The “Batgirl” movie was one of the first cancellations in the company’s new strategy. (HBOMax)

This was announced by the site decidewho was informed by a source within the company that Warner Bros. will no longer release its theatrical titles in hbo max with that window of a month and a half after being in the cinema; now it will be movie by movie as determined when it hits the streaming platform.

This comes after the merger between hbo max Y Discovery+ which has caused a new series of strategies to be taken, since said service that will contain the content of both platforms will be launched in 2023.

"Father of the Bride" is one of the company
“Father of the Bride” is one of the company’s latest projects to release movies exclusively on its service. (HBOMax)

This joins what was revealed a few days ago by the CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, David Zaslavwho pointed out that the company he directs will not invest more in expensive films that are released directly in hbomax, with which it is announced that that 45-day window between the day of the theatrical release and the arrival on streaming will no longer exist.

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The project, which was internally called Project Popcorn (Project Popcorn), was the brainchild of former CEO of WarnerMedia, Jason Killar, and which angered filmmakers and industry professionals at the time. However, the public appreciated it, especially when the pandemic of COVID-19 lasted for more than two years.

"Fantastic Animals: The Secrets of Dumbledore" was one of the successful films in theaters and also on the platform.  (Warner Bros.)
“Fantastic Animals: The Secrets of Dumbledore” was one of the successful films in theaters and also on the platform. (Warner Bros.)

hbo max kept the cinematic momentum going, shipping blockbusters like batman Y Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore to the streaming service after the window days.

However, after the merger of WarnerMedia Y Discovery Inc., Jason Kilar left the company and with it came the cancellation of batgirl and the fact that various original films from hbo max have exited the streaming system.

"Elvis" will arrive for rent and buy VOD on August 9, but it will take longer to be on HBO Max.  (Warner Bros.)
“Elvis” will arrive for rent and buy VOD on August 9, but it will take longer to be on HBO Max. (Warner Bros.)

It is not yet known how much this measure will affect the company’s next releases, until a few days ago it was considered that the next streaming release would be Elviswho is about to complete 45 days on the billboard, although until now it has not been announced when he will be on the service.

What has been revealed is that the film Baz Luhrman will be available to buy and rent on digital platforms at a premium price on August 9, but will not be in hbo max. The place decide confirmed with staff Warner that the film will reach streaming but later and not in the 45 days contemplated in the previous strategy.

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