Warcraft Rumble is live and you should try it out for the PvE campaign alone

warcraft rumble is live and you should try it out for the pve campaign alone
warcraft rumble is live and you should try it out for the pve campaign alone

The long-awaited “Warcraft Mobile” is finally live. You can now download Warcraft Rumble and start playing.

It was announced a few years ago, now it’s live. To coincide with the day of BlizzCon, the first “Warcraft Mobile” is launching on smartphones and tablets. Anyone who wants can now download Warcraft Rumble and try it out to see if they like the game.

What is Warcraft Rumble about? Warcraft Rumble is a small-format strategy game. In the course of an extensive campaign, you have to position your units, the so-called “minis”, appropriately and equip them with different abilities so that they can overcome the enemies.

Collecting and upgrading the minis is the “meta game” – you build up an ever larger collection, equip your minis with new talents and develop fresh strategies to defy even the toughest bosses.

Where can you download the game? You can download the game for free in the respective app store of your mobile device:

Is there a release on PC or console? No, at least officially that is not yet possible. Warcraft Rumble is purely a mobile game. So you need a smartphone or tablet to play Warcraft Rumble.

Although there are various emulators that allow you to play mobile games like this on the PC, they are not officially supported.

Is the game Pay2Win? Since the heart of the game is currently based on the PvE campaign, you can’t speak of Pay2Win here. Although there are ways to buy some advantages with real money, these primarily reduce the grind and thus accelerate the upgrading process of the minis.

Whether this will have a bigger impact in PvP remains to be seen. However, PvP is, at least in its current state, more of a minor matter and not as finely developed as the PvE portion of the game.

Will you be checking out Warcraft Rumble? What do you think of the title so far?