Vstudio, to give Yoga and fitness classes online and earn money with it

clases yoga online.jpg
clases yoga online.jpg

Online classes are already so common that now the important thing is to personalize the experience with different activities.

Zoom, for example, is an excellent platform for work meetings, but the fact that we can see the rest of the students makes it not ideal for online yoga classes, for example, since it takes away the privacy of the matter. Of course we can hide the webcam, but then the teacher won’t be able to see us either.

This is where vstudio appears, a proposal so that anyone can be a teacher of gym, yoga or any other exercise that can be done at home.

Interested teachers can create their session and invite students by link, with rooms that can reach 200 attendees. Only the teacher can see the students’ camera, since visitors will only be able to see the class offered, without gossiping among the rest.

Each teacher defines their rates and collects the money directly into their bank account, being compatible with 35 countries around the world, including all of Europe.

vstudio has several business models. If we opt for the free option, we will have to pay a 15% commission, while if we opt for monthly payment plans, the commission is reduced to 3% or completely canceled in the most complete plans.

Available at vstudio.live, it is shown as an excellent opportunity for professionals in the field to earn an extra with classes from their own home, thus avoiding rental costs, logistics and bureaucracies that are avoided with an online business.

The interface is only in English, but it is quite intuitive, very similar to the rest of the options for videoconferencing over the Internet.

Of course, if what you want is to receive classes instead of giving them, there you have options of teachers who have already registered previously and have diverse active groups.

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