VPN gap in older Cisco routers is no longer closed

vpn gap in older cisco routers is no longer closed.png
vpn gap in older cisco routers is no longer closed.png

Support for some Cisco routers has ended. There are important security updates for, among other things, Webex.


If companies are still using older routers from Cisco’s Small Business series, admins should consider replacing them. Although the software support ended in December 2020, a new vulnerability has now become known.


The vulnerability (CVE-2022-20923″medium“) affects the models Small Business RV110W, RV130, RV130W and RV215W. Due to errors in the password verification, a remote attacker could log in with prepared log-in data and access the VPN network. This can happen with admin rights. According to Cisco, there will be no security patches Users should switch to devices that are still supported, such as the RV132W, RV160 or RV160W.

A gap (CVE-2022-28199”high“) in the Nvidia Data Plane Development Kit affects various Cisco products such as Catalyst 8000V Edge Software. If attackers successfully exploit the vulnerability, they could cause DoS conditions or alter data. Cisco has released several security patches. The protected versions are listed in an alert .

Attackers could use a vulnerability in the video conferencing application Webex App to exploit a vulnerability (CVE-2022-20863 “medium“) to manipulate links in messages, for example. SD-WAN vManage software is vulnerable to attacks where attackers could access the messaging service ports.

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