VOLTME Wireless Magnetic Portable Charger, All the Details

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With an increasingly digital world, the need to keep our devices charged and ready to go is paramount. This is where he shines VOLTME Wireless Magnetic Portable Chargeran innovative charger that I have been able to test for a few weeks.

Technical specifications

the VOLTME It is a charger with a compact size, making it easy to transport and use. It has the ability to perform fast charging, which means that devices are charged in a shorter period of time compared to standard chargers.

Incorporates wireless technology, eliminating the need for cables and making it easy to use. It also uses magnetic technology to stay attached to the device while charging, providing comfortable and secure use.

This charger recharges through a USB port, a widely available format, allowing it to be charged virtually anywhere.

  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone 14 / iPhone 14 Pro / iPhone 14 Pro Max / iPhone 14 Plus / iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro Max with a magnetic phone case. Not fully compatible with iPhone 12/13 Mini and non-magnetic phone cases.
  • Usage: Wireless and wired charging simultaneously. USB-C compatible (cable included).
  • Technology: Includes Magsafe technology and supports low current charging.
  • Additional features: Foreign Object Detection (FOD). It does not overlap the camera.
  • Indicators: 5 indicator LEDs that show the charge level and wireless charging status.
  • Recommendations for use: For best results, use a power adapter (recommended 20 VOLTME or 30 Mini) with at least 12W output (not included). Not recommended for use with non-magnetic phone cases or the iPhone 13/12 mini.
  • Package Includes: VOLTME MagPak 5K 5000mAh, 25cm USB-C to USB-C Cable, Welcome Guide.
  • Warranty: 18-month worry-free and lifetime technical support.



  • The portable charger may generate some heat during charging or discharging due to power loss during transmission. This is normal.
  • 5,000 mAh cell capacity provides 0.8 iPhone 13 charges, 0.8 iPhone 13 Pro charges, 0.5 iPhone 13 Pro Max charges, 0.95 iPhone 12 charges, 0.95 iPhone charges 12 Pro, 0.65 iPhone 12 Pro Max charges.
  • Magnetic charging provides up to 7.5W of maximum power EPP (Qi and MagSafe compatible).
  • Magnetic and metal accessories, such as cards, keys, and grips, will interfere with charging.

VOLTME applications

This charger is versatile and can be used to charge a variety of devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. It is especially useful on trips and situations where there is no nearby plug.

the VOLTME allows you to continue using the device while charging, which is very convenient during conferences or long-term events.

We can leave it upright thanks to the fact that there is a tab that can be opened to leave it standing. It is important to bear in mind that this tab will only remain open if you have the iPhone connected, since the weight of the mobile is what makes the force to leave it in the proper position.

Opinion on the VOLTME charger

I have been using this VOLTME charger for a few weeks now and so far, it has proven to be a practical and functional option to keep the iPhone charged on the go. I especially appreciate its MagSafe compatibility and the ability to charge wirelessly, which is very convenient. It adheres perfectly to the iPhone and starts charging immediately, without having to press any buttons. I have been impressed by the magnetic force and the constant connection it maintains with the phone.

One of the highlights of this device is its compact and slim design. It fits comfortably in your backpack or purse without taking up a lot of space. Also, the fact that you can charge your phone and power bank at the same time with just one cable is a definite plus. Also, the built-in stand is a nice and useful touch that allows you to use the phone in portrait or landscape position.

When I put something on top that is not compatible, it warns me with an orange light that goes off after a few seconds.


The ergonomic design and the fineness of the grip also deserve a mention. It is not only easy to handle but also adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the device. Despite being small in size, it feels solid and well built.

However, I must point out that the 5000mAh charging capacity may be insufficient in some circumstances. Although it’s enough for a full charge of most phones, it might not be enough for a full day of heavy phone use.

turn me around

While wireless charging is convenient, it’s worth mentioning that this charger isn’t compatible with all devices, and it won’t work with non-magnetic phone cases or the Apple Watch. I would also have liked the power adapter to come included in the package, given the price of the product (55 euros).

You have it available on Amazon.

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