Voice assistants have no going back, and Alexa is a clear example


At first they arrived as something curious that showed that technology was advancing at breakneck speed. Some, yes, did not give it much importance and, for this reason, they did not bet on voice assistants. But, this has been shown to be a mistake, since the expansion that developments such as Alexa or Apple’s Siri have obtained is indisputable. And, right now, they are essential in digital homes. It is true that it took a while for them to prove their usefulness, but since 2019 things have changed… a lot. This was the moment in which the companies that manufacture accessories definitively opted for its implementation in different equipment, such as speakers and even wearables. But, without a doubt, the turning point was its implementation almost as a standard on televisions. This changed everything, since we are talking about products of habitual use. A constant growth of voice assistants The truth is that since the launch of options that it was very capable and that it understood a large number of commands in different languages. And, best of all, with enviable precision. Things have only gotten better for voice assistants. They have ceased to be that curiosity that technology lovers have at home to become something for everyday use. And it is so both for the new generations -who are born living with them- and for the older ones. An example is the data published by Voikers that shows that the increase in the use of these remains stable for those over 18 years of age (the data is from the US, but can be completely extrapolated to Europe and, of course, Spain). There is additional data that shows that the implementation of assistants such as Alexa or Google’s own is a reality as tangible as the existence of smartphones -where they are present-. Without going any further, it is that more than 55% of those who have computers with them integrated, use them on a daily basis -or that 63% of Americans over 18 years of age use these tools on different devices on a regular basis. Therefore, betting on this market is now safe. And this is known by the companies that promise very important advances in the functionalities they offer (which will go beyond turning on a light or turning off the TV when you leave the room). Alexa showed her power for her birthday in Spain The truth is that it seems like it was almost yesterday when voice assistants began to be heard about, but very recently the Amazon voice assistant turned four years old after its arrival in Spain. A long time, really. And the growth has been exponential in the functions it offers and the increase in use by users. Some examples of how important this option has become for users is that those who have it in the last twelve months have established 46 million reminders using Alexa or that more than twenty-seven million users have consulted the news of this form. There is even a clear demonstration of synergy due to the use of the voice assistant: 40% of those who have it, have more than one contacted accessory. And this is an obvious source of income that can and should be used. The truth is that the data is quite impressive, since we are talking about Spain (even the hours of music played with Alexa this year reach 317 million, which means 36 thousand years of non-stop music). An outrage, everything must be said. The future of voice assistants Two are the great aspects where developments will advance, but it remains to be seen if they are all able to keep up with Google and Amazon, undisputed leaders in the segment. On the one hand, increasing the number of devices that offer compatibility, with a special focus on cars. The symbiosis of the assistants with these seems perfect, and surely in a short time Alexa will show that it can be the perfect assistant for drivers, expanding its capabilities. On the other hand, the implementation of a deeper and more extended form of learning and Artificial Intelligence will allow voice assistants to take a very important evolutionary step. And, perhaps, the tables can be turned and they ask questions about actions to take when certain user behavior is detected. And, this, would change the paradigm of its use definitively. >

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