Vodafone uses Augmented Reality to help its customers resolve faults

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52919105486 fe7b477002 k.jpg

Vodafone has integrated augmented reality technologies to help its fiber optic and Vodafone TV customers in troubleshooting. This new process improves the experience by providing flexibility and agility to this management.

The process is very simple for the client. In the event that any of your equipment has suffered a breakdown, the company proceeds to send one to your home.

Once you receive it, all you have to do is enter your My Vodafone App and follow a simple guide that, Using augmented reality and the camera on your smartphone, it will help you connect the wiring of the new equipment and later verify that the installation is correct.

This validation is carried out by checking that the cables are connected in the right place and that the indicator lights on the router are correct, all through the customer’s mobile camera and without having to leave the My Vodafone App.

This new service is initially available for the installation due to failure of routers with HFC technology and for the Vodafone TV 4K decoder with FTTH and HFC technology, although it will gradually be extended to equipment that supports the other alternatives.

The My Vodafone App registered more than 120 million visits in 2022 and has just received the Excellence in Customer Service Technology 2023 award from the Business Intelligence Group.

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