Vivo’s 200W ultra-fast charging only needs 10 minutes to charge the battery

vivo was the first company to market the 200W ultra fast charging, a technology capable of filling the battery up to 100% in just 10 minutes.

This new generation battery comes to revolutionize the smartphone industry thanks to fast charging technology.

Users will no longer have to think about charging the battery at night – now their mobiles will be ready for use in the time it takes to take a quick shower. 200W ultra-fast charging debuts with the launch of the new iQOO 10 Pro gaming smartphone in the Asian market.

The world’s first commercialization of 200W ultra-fast charging

Nearly doubling charging speeds in just one generation of smartphones, vivo takes another step forward on its path to innovation.

In 2020, vivo launched a market-first 120W ultra-fast charging battery with the iQOO 5 Pro. Now, it has raised the bar with the iQOO 10 Pro, introducing a world-first 200W ultra-fast charging technology.

Improvements include ten great novelties for drums and designed to offer faster charging with the necessary security and stability to ensure great performance: these include a new ultra-thin battery pole sheet, a new battery electrolyte, a new charging chip with a three-way charging spout , a new battery separator, and a new mounting system.

Protection elements include the application of a new thermal conductive gel, a new protection circuit as well as a self-developed battery health algorithm, which work together to ensure sustained capacity above 80%, even after 1600 hours. load cycles.

All of this is coupled with the new smaller charger and 1.5 meter charging cable, allowing the iQOO 10 Pro to exceed even the rigorous battery performance standards in the tech industry.

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