Vivo overtakes Huawei in the premium cellphone market in China and is only behind Apple

Vivo overtakes Huawei in the premium cellphone market in China and is only behind Apple
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Apparently, the strong sales of the Vivo X80 line and other more expensive phones from the brand had an excellent reflection on the company’s market share in China. According to research by Counterpoint Research, premium mobile phone sales as a whole grew to 33% in Q2 2022 in China — against 31% in the same period in 2021 — and within that, vivo got a 13% share of that pie.

The figure is still lower than the distant 46% dominated by Apple in the country, but it’s enough for vivo to take second place in this period. In 2021, this position was occupied by Huawei, with 19% of sales and when Vivo had only 6% of the amount.

According to research analyst Mengmeng Zhang, Apple grew strongly in the $1,000+ segment, posting a 147% year-over-year increase, while Samsung also grew 133% over that period, taking advantage of Huawei’s decline. But thanks to vivo X80, the brand has indeed managed to stand out in the segment, accumulating 504% year-over-year growth in the premium segment. Vivo’s unit sales grew 91% year-on-year, moving Huawei to second in China’s premium segment for the first time.

This market — which includes affordable premium ($400 to $599), premium ($600 to $799), and ultra-premium ($800 to over $1,000) tiers — also showed a down 10% in terms of unit sales, lower than overall cellphone sales, which fell 14%.

In the second quarter of this year, vivo still faced strong competition from Honor in the $400 segment, where Honor increased unit sales and market share by 43% and 50%, respectively, from 6% to 9%, taking fourth place.

Both managed to take a stake that previously belonged to Huawei and OPPO, which had problems due to blockades in Chinese cities, affecting in-person sales during the quarter.


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