Vivaldi is updated on Android with support for two rows of tabs


The Vivaldi web browser is being updated on Android with a number of exciting new features.

Vivaldi version 5.0 not only brings new functions but also changes the dynamics of the tabs in your mobile browsing.

Vivaldi Brings Two-Tier Tab Stacks to Android

One of the novelties that you will find in this new version is the possibility of using two rows of tabs, following the same dynamics that we find in the desktop browser. Yes, it is the first mobile browser that allows you to use this dynamic to manage tabs.

What is it about? This two-tier lash stack system allows you to work more comfortably with groups of lashes. All the tabs in a group will be displayed in the second row when you need to consult them, and they will not take up space in the main row.

That way, you can move from one group of tabs to others without problems, and without being overwhelmed with too many open tabs. Of course, this is an option that you can enable and disable at any time, at your discretion.

On the other hand, it also has a new interface that allows you to modify the size of the tab bar. So you can configure the tabs to be smaller to save more space. And if you have a device with a larger screen you can also benefit from the latest Vivaldi update.

The new version has a new design and dynamics that takes advantage of all the space on the tablet screen. So now you will find that side panels are added, which allow you to see the history, bookmarks, notes, downloads, etc. If you want to try these new features on your Android mobile, you just have to update the web browser to version 5.0 of Vivaldi.