Vivaldi 5.5 with new task panel and snap function for Windows 11

vivaldi 55 with new task panel and snap function for.webp.webp
vivaldi 55 with new task panel and snap function for.webp.webp

The browser Vivaldi wants to manage tasks and schedules more efficiently. The general speed has also improved with version 5.5.


“We’ve been working on improving the overall speed of our browser. So you’ll notice a significant speed boost, especially when working with the address field,” the makers of the Vivaldi browser praise the new version 5.5. This is now available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

In order to improve speed, parts of the address field logic have been rewritten. “Fast typists” in particular should benefit from this.

Under Windows 11, Vivaldi can now also be used in the snap function. This allows you to automatically resize one or more windows by dragging them. Six layouts are available to display up to four windows on the screen at the same time. Windows 11 has only recently made it possible to fit them into snap layouts using touch operation. Just one of the many features of the new Windows version.

The onboarding of mail and calendar should now be easier at Vivaldi. In many cases, the server details are automatically configured for you. There is no list of which accounts this is possible with. So more people should use the in-house mail client. “You can use Vivaldi Mail with your existing email and calendar services, set up an account on, or even add a trusted third-party service,” says the blog post about the new version.

A new task panel is located in the sidebar. Information on due dates, locations, reminders, descriptions and repetitions can be entered under “Tasks”. Tasks can be marked as completed – you can then keep them displayed as such to see the success, or make them disappear automatically. To use the panel, you have to activate mail, calendar and the feed reader in the settings.

In addition, they have continued to work on filtering and labeling fake and dangerous emails better. For example, a larger warning pops up if the sender address of an email does not match that of the reply recipient.

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