Vision Pro: Apple will sell a power cable, and its price is up to the headphones

vision pro apple will sell a power cable and its.jpeg
vision pro apple will sell a power cable and its.jpeg

Accessories designed for the Vision Pro are starting to crop up online, just days after the mixed reality headset went official.

Apple Vision Pro

A Twitter member named Kosutami released some power cable shots connecting the Vision Pro to its battery. At $85, the price of such an accessory is already on par with Cupertino’s luxury AR headset. The Vision Pro’s cable alone costs more than a MacBook charging cable and power adapter found on Apple’s website. Add to this that the price mentioned on Twitter may be the one offered to retailers and does not include the price of a spare battery. It is therefore it is quite possible that the cable will cost a lot more for individuals.

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The Vision Pro will not not marketed before early 2024. Although Apple has made a presentation for the less complete, it keeps a certain part of mystery. Many observers had thus noted that the firm had communicated little about the “portability” of its product. The only examples of use offered in the promotional video show us adults most often in static positions. The Vision Pro is clearly not not designed to be used in motion.

Apple will indeed sell accessories for the Vision Pro

The battery of the Vision Pro is however remote. It is possible to put it in the pocket of a jacket or his pants. The manufacturer Huaqiang therefore confirms that yes, the Vision Pro will enjoy a whole ecosystem of accessories. Leaks preceding its presentation also announced that the Vision Pro will be offered in 6 different colors, which suggests that the AR headset will offer many customization options to its owners.

A little further study of the power cable for the Vision Pro reveals that it is a braided model, and that the connection is not made through a USB-C socket. Apple falls back into its ways by imposing proprietary technology.

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