Vision Pro: Apple could be forced to change the name of the headset, here’s why

vision pro apple could be forced to change the name.jpg
vision pro apple could be forced to change the name.jpg

Choosing the name of a product that will be marketed internationally poses a lot of challenges for a company, and the Vision Pro could well be the next product that will find itself in a delicate situation, especially because of Huawei.

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A few days ago, Apple officially unveiled the Vision Pro, its mixed reality headset which had the ambition to revolutionize the market. The device, which will not arrive until early next year in the United States, should in the following months be launched in other countries internationally.

However, it seems that Apple will face a major problem if it intends to market its headphones in China. In effect, 4 years ago, the Chinese giant Huawei had already registered the Vision Pro brand in 2019.

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Huawei could force Apple to change the name of its headphones

The registered trademark number Vision Pro in China is number 38242888, and falls under international class 9. Huawei’s exclusive trademark rights are valid from November 28, 2021 to November 27, 2031. Approved use covers various products and services, including LCD televisions, radio equipment, and you’d expect it, head-mounted virtual reality devices.

This finding indicates that Apple may not be able to use the “Vision Pro” name for its headphones in China. Apple may therefore be forced to change the name of the headphones when the Apple Vision Pro is launched in the country, but the giant could simply decide not to market the helmet in China to avoid such problems. Another solution would be to negotiate with Huawei the rights to use the Vision Pro brand in China.

Huawei’s registration of the Vision Pro brand obviously does not directly concern Apple. The Chinese giant already has two product lines associated with the term “Vision”, namely the Huawei Vision Glass, its first smart glasses, and the Huawei Vision Smart Screen series. The registration of the Vision Pro mark could therefore have been a preventative measure for potential additions to the Vision Smart Screen series.

While waiting to learn more about this legal concern, the famous journalist Mark Gurman announced thatApple was already planning to produce cheaper versions of its headphones. A classic “Vision” device could arrive in the next few years, at a price well below the $3,500 Vision Pro.

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