Vision Pro: Adobe Express AI capabilities could be headset prep

Vision Pro: Adobe Express AI capabilities could be headset prep
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the web application adobe express is receiving resources that can prepare you for use with the Vision Pro, Apple’s mixed reality headset. At least, that’s what is speculated after the software brand’s announcements during the WWDC about your service.

For those who are not aware, the company presented some features that involve the use of its artificial intelligence platform called Firefly, launched in March of this year. In that sense, the technology is being incorporated into the browser app still as an open beta and should be a definitive part of it soon.

In general, there are two main attributes that come to Adobe Express for those who subscribe to the Creative Cloud package. One is the tool that makes it possible to turn text into an image, while the other can generate AI text effects for the user to implement in their project.

Not only that, Express gained the use of new animations, as well as support for PDF files and more. Therefore, using Firefly, it is possible to create publications for the most diverse social networks such as Instagram and TikTok, in addition to posters, videos and flyers.

As this service can be accessed through Safari, it is expected to be used in conjunction with the Vision Pro, in addition to being able to use it with other Apple devices, such as Mac and iPad. Office 365, for example, will have its suite of apps integrated with visionOS, so the so-called Spatial Reality can gain even more possibilities with Adobe Express and Firefly.

It is also worth remembering that Adobe even added Firefly to Photoshop recently.

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